Awake “Game Day” Review

Awake (NBC) Game Day Episode 9 (2)
For the past few weeks, I’ve figured that something would have to keep Michael and his wife from leaving for Portland, but I can honestly say that I didn’t see this particular twist coming. In “Game Day,” this week’s episode of Awake, Rex (in the blue reality) found out that his girlfriend had gotten pregnant and lost the baby without telling him…prompting to Michael to wake up in the red reality with the correct notion that despite losing his son, he might get to be a grandfather.

This was probably one of my favorite episodes of the show so far. I loved the idea of the big game in both realities, L.A. versus Seattle (which is funny since L.A. does not have a football team), and it all comes down to one kick. In the red reality, L.A. won and there was much rejoicing, except for the gambler who bet on Seattle, lost a ton of money, and then had his dry-cleaning business mysterious go up in flames, but in the blue, the L.A. kicker missed and Seattle won, prompting the murder of an obnoxious Seattle fan.

In both cases, the killers were close to home. The gambler’s wife had the fire started in order to get the insurance money to cover her husband’s debts, unaware that an employee was living in the store and would die in a fire, and the Seattle fan was killed by his own brother after a life-time of humiliation. What Michael took from both cases was the fact that all it takes is couple inches, a couple of seconds for everything to turn out differently.

So when Rex finds out that he nearly became a father in the blue reality, Michael immediately sought out his dead son’s girlfriend in the red reality. This time, she hadn’t miscarried. All of a sudden, it seems quite unlikely that the Brittens will be moving to Portland. Not when the last link to their child is in L.A.

I loved this twist. Not only was it a great way to put off the move, but it gave Michael yet another reason not to choose a reality. If he were to “pick” the red reality, not only would he lose his son forever, but his only grandchild. Of course, that might not become an issue if he ends up not having to choose either of them. We know barely anything about this conspiracy going on, and certainly we have no idea why it involves Michael. It looks like we might get some answers next week, though. This many episodes in, it’s about time.

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