Person of Interest “Matsya Nyaya” Review

Person of Interest Matsya Nyaya Episode 20 (1)

Person of Interest returned tonight with the most peculiarly titled episode of the season, “Matsya Nyaya”. After Reese and Carter wrap up a case involving a cheating husband in the first scene, they get their number for this weeks PoI: Tommy.

However, Tommy’s story wasn’t the most intriguing part of the episode for me. We got several flashbacks tonight to 2010 during Reese’s black ops days. We saw Reese interrogating a suspect in the middle east, while being in constant communication with his wife, no less. He’s then instructed by Agent Snow to go to China to investigate a mysterious software development company, and if that wasn’t shady enough, he wanted him to kill his partner when he was done!

Meanwhile, Tommy’s story got a lot more interesting when it turned out that he wasn’t in danger, he is the danger. He helps hold up his own armored car, and then we find out that the robbery was orchestrated by the mysterious “HR” that Fusco has been investigating. I’ve been a little weary of Fusco’s character in the past few episodes ever since Carter took his place as Reese and Finch’s help in the police department, so I like that Fusco is taking care of the seedier side of organized crime. Although I do feel a little bad for him, as it seems like Reese is just punishing him by keeping him in this dangerous undercover position. He’s got a kid at home that needs new hockey equipment, Reese!

Well, Fusco’s story and Tommy’s story came to a close in a brutal shootout that saw Tommy, his girlfriend, AND Fusco’s HR buddy all get shot! It was a little lame that Tommy’s girlfriend had no problem shooting Tommy in the back in cold blood, but all squeamish over the thought of shooting a total stranger, but whatever. The shooting wasn’t quite done for the episode, though, as we saw the obvious twist in Reese’s flashback as his partner shot him right after Reese made the decision not to shoot her. Then, there was even more shooting going on back in 2012 when Reese’s elusive partner showed up in New York City and shot Agent Snow and his partner. Snow isn’t dead yet, but things certainly aren’t looking too good for him. I expect for all of these story lines to come to an exciting and satisfying conclusion in the final two episodes! I can’t wait!

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Random Thoughts:

– I know it’s not any fault of the show itself, but I feel like the Person of Interest schedule on CBS has been so erratic. It seems like they barely ever get two episodes aired consecutively, there’s been several miniature hiatuses, and it makes it really hard for the show to get some momentum if they’re barely ever get a couple episodes in a row. If it were up to me, every show would air all of its episodes back to back, and just take longer for the show to start.

– Any fans of The Wire watching tonight? Was tonight’s PoI, Tommy, played by Pablo Schreiber AKA Nick Sobotka from season two of The Wire? It wasn’t listed on IMDb, but they don’t always show everything. If it wasn’t him, it sure looked like it! Speaking of The Wire, the constant mentions to “Burner phones” reminded me of the HBO drama as well. Oh, and also there was a boxing club! Oh oh, and Tommy called Reese a “Mope”! All right, maybe I’m just stretching now…

– Geez, do ALL attractive young women take alluring photos of themselves on their cell phone?! Is it just, like, what they do?