Private Practice “And Then There Was One” Review

The theme of this week’s Private Practice is that Addison is very, very happy. Super happy. So happy, she leaves her shrink’s office early leaving open the possibility we might never have to hear her wax pathetic at the open and close of the episode ever again. Overall happy Addison was a relief, but it was also a relief to see her nanny shopping; yes she loves her kid but it wouldn’t make sense for the character to give up her job completely. Her complete disinterest in her love life drama was refreshing, possibly because the sudden bad feelings between Sam and Jake over the same day kiss seemed so ridiculous. Sam had made his desire not to be anywhere near a baby super clear, and after bolting he had no right to be angry over Addison locking lips with another guy. At the same time the Jake non-relationship has been dragged on for so long every drop of chemistry has been squeezed out of it. It was funny for Jake to learn Addison had been with Pete too, though it would have been better if he properly described what a huge rebound/ place filler relationship it had been (hey my wife went crazy, and I have this baby, and you like babies…).

I think the non-mystery of the status of Amelia’s baby ended with as much of a shock as possible. You know almost from Addison’s first look of horror when she sees the ultra-sound that this isn’t some minor malady, not even a serious cosmetic birth-defect: if it was, Violet would be berating her telling her she can love the baby despite her expectations, or Cooper would bring in a peds patient with no arms and legs who is still doing great in fourth grade, or Addison would be going in to do some miraculous neo-natal surgery. No, if that many doctors in the top of their fields simply look at your growing belly with looks of pity, your baby mustn’t be able to live out of the womb at all. Which is terribly, unbelievably sad, and should leave Amelia terribly, unbelievably sad, but after five months shouldn’t she be past the lashing out at the people that love her stage? I mean if Charlotte wasn’t so understanding when Amelia bitterly remarks that it’s stupid for Charlotte to complain about raising a child she could have easily shot back, “Raising a child who refuses to speak because he just watched his mother, the only family in his life for eight years, die a horrible death of cancer. Yes, totally, small problem, silly me.” And it also makes sense that she’d be painfully jealous of Addison, but angry? Especially when baby-hungry yet baby-less Addison was completely happy for Amelia when she announced her pregnancy, even offering her her nursery. But I guess Amelia gets a pass for dealing with a completely new level of tragic irony as the neurosurgeon with a brain-less baby.

The medical subplot of the sociopath sister stabbing her little sis was creepy but unsurprising. I think Violet was giving herself too much credit when she said her instincts were telling her the sister was off, with that creepy grin as they cracked open her sister’s tiny chest and her eerie desire to hear about her sister’s final breath, I think it was just her regular senses that told her.

What did you think of the episode? Will Addison decide to purse a relationship with Jake or Sam?