Level Up’s “Headquarters” Mystery Is Finally Revealed [Advance Review]

Level Up Headquarters 01
If you have been watching Level Up since the beginning of the season, you might have felt like me that you were going crazy when, from one episode to the next, the boys seemed to suddenly have acquired headquarters. I just figured I had missed something at some point and sort of moved on from that. Turns out, I wasn’t crazy at all, the episode which was supposed to explain the headquarters acquisition had in fact been skipped for airing at a later date. And this week we are finally getting to see it.

The episode in question, which funny enough is entitled “Headquarters” I’m guessing was supposed to have aired earlier in the season, but instead got relayed to being episode 12. Of course it would have been helpful if we had seen it earlier in the season, but even getting to see it now is a lot of fun and will answer all your questions about the infamous headquarters.

I got a chance to watch the episode early and it’s typical Level Up style and fun. The boys find some leak pieces that they are trying to fit together and decide to enlist the help of Max, who gives them the keys to a storage facility where he keeps some of his beta inventions. And that’s how the Level Up headquarters was born.

Of course that’s just the beginning of it. Get ready for plenty of shenanigans from the boys, including a trophy, a party, and a clown, not necessarily in that order.

If you’ve been a fan of the show and have been trying to figure out all about this freaking headquarters situation (apparently I was way more obsessed about figuring out where it came from than I thought), you’ll love this episode.

So don’t miss Level Up‘s new episode “Headquarters” tonight at 8pm on Cartoon Network and come back tell me if you were as satisfied with it as I was.

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