The Finder “The Conversation” Review

Walter’s reputation is spreading; more and more people are finding their way to the Ends of the Earth in order to employ his finding skills. In this week’s episode of The Finder, “The Conversation,” he was asked to find a husband and father who had gone missing after leaving a cryptic voice mail that ended with the beginning of a mysterious conversation. Walter didn’t much care for finding the man; he wanted to find out what the man had been talking about.

Like I said last week, the things Walter finds himself looking for are getting a little esoteric, but I suppose it wouldn’t be interesting if, week after week, he was just looking for missing people. There has to be something different to hold his (and our) attention.

When he did finally track down the conversation thanks to a lot of security camera footage and the caffeine coma Willa almost went into going through all of it for him, he ended up uncovering some corporate misdeeds at the chemical plant where the man worked, and ran into a faux/former FBI agent with a Bond Girl-esque name (played by Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson) who immediately sparked the flames that Isabel has been too busy to tend to lately. She turned out to be working for the bad guys, but I really hope we see her again. She was a good match for Walter, one of the few people he’s encountered who’s just as willing as him to flagrantly disregard the rules.

There was no Isabel again this week, as she’s apparently studying so that she become a lawyer and then, eventually, the Attorney General. Her absence is definitely felt since she and Walter had great chemistry, unburdened by any Unresolved Sexual Tension, but I kind of like the vibe that Walter and Leo and Willa have going on their own.

This episode pretty much belonged to Leo, though, as he might finally have come to terms with his wife and daughter’s deaths by exposing another company’s evil misdeeds and reuniting a family in the process. It was a good resolution, played to perfection. I even got a lump in my throat.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!