Grey’s Anatomy “The Girl With No Name” Review

Oh Grey’s Anatomy, why are you pretending to mirror real life? Yes, if the doctors of Grey’s existed in real life, they wouldn’t all stay at Seattle Grace. They’re talented and in some cases, connected, and they’d be flung to both coasts, to hook up with new doctors in new supply closets. But in the world of Grey’s even shifting cities for brief interviews was distracting and disconcerting, all the residents need to stay together so they can keep getting in wacky arguments over open body cavities.

If it wasn’t for the distracting city hoping the medical plot line of the night would have overshadowed every other. It was smart to have the shell-shocked kidnapping victim imprint on Grey so there would be a reason for all of surgery to stay close to the poor kid. It was also good foreshadowing of Bailey’s freak out to have her recall more details of the twelve year old kidnapping than little Grey with her photographic memory. Bailey’s panic attack over a few moments of missing Tuck, as well as her inability to think about what the victim might have gone through did look a little crazy when compared to the other parents.

While Torres was heartlessly chatting about how many times the girl’s arm must have been broken as Sloan blithely looked on Bailey couldn’t take it because she couldn’t help thinking of her son in that situation. The thing is, Torres and Sloan have a daughter too. Shouldn’t they have been a little freaked out? Also, when Bailey was sure Tuck had been kidnapped, Derek and Sloan just look around kind of concerned, yet they don’t actually pick up their own children. Without the blithe parents as a comparison Bailey’s panic might have seemed justified, but when she’s the only one getting so worked up she just looks unbalanced.

Once the kip nap victim starts talking she seems to get normal pretty quickly, able to talk about her situation with an expected amount of anger and an unexpected amount of clarity, which made her dropping the news she had had a baby and lost it in her early teens like it was no big deal that much weirder. First of all, it’s obvious Torres realized the pelvic fracture is from childbirth, so why bring up that potentially painful memory, especially in front of her parents?

It was good to see normal Cristina, overly confident and kind of mean after the strange howling creature she was last week, but it was also awkward to see subtle signs that there might be hope for her and Owen. The fact that both are unwilling to correct anyone when they reference the two as husband and wife or the fact that Cristina’s decision to move will affect Owen, her words of support as he’s freaking out about his duties as the chief (which Richard had covered anyways. Why is anyone else still pretending to be in charge), even Cristina’s insistence Owen stay at their house while she’s at Meredith’s. Will they or won’t they can’t be drawn out for much longer.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will any of the doctors really leave Seattle Grace?