Fairly Legal “What They Seem” Review – Is There More to Ben Than We Think?

Fairly Legal What They Seem Season 2 Episode 6

In tonight’s episode of Fairly Legal, not too many things (or people) are what they seem. So I guess it makes sense that the title of the ep was “What They Seem.” First up, Ben asks for Kate’s help with a case, not because he really wants her to do anything, but just so she can rile up Justin. Ben’s got a star witness to a criminal getting beaten by cops, but again the guy isn’t so much a witness as a non-witness, and one that Ben is banking on as being pegged as a liar. Lauren asks for Justin’s help with a “mistake” she made and when Kate finds out, she does help, but also makes it clear that she knows that Lauren’s error wasn’t one at all.

In the end, it was Ben that surprised me by not being what he seemed at all. Sure he was a jerk and sure he was using people left and right to win his case, but one thing you can say about the guy is that he never hid any of it. So when Kate accuses him of being empty inside and thinks he’ll let himself be used for a little meaningless sex
(after she’s just seen her ex-husband out on a date), lo and behold if he doesn’t stop her. Turns out the empty guy isn’t as empty as he seems. It may be tiny, but it does look like there’s a heart in there somewhere and goshdarn it if the guy isn’t making me sort of like him. Not that I want him and Kate together, but I am intrigued by who he is and what could have happened in his life to make him the way he is.

My favorite bits..

“You don’t think it brings out my animal magnetism?”
“It would have, if you had any.”

Ben calling Kate “Katrinka.”

Benedict Yancy? Yep, Ben totally lost the name battle.

Ben brining Kate to a complete standstill when he asked for her help.

Andre ending his deposition with a few choice words and by throwing something at the camera. Well, that’s one way to do it.

Kate calling Ben a migraine with a mouth. Haha! I can think of a few people I’ve known where that term could apply.

Leo immediately knocking out a few well-known lines (and some pretty bad impressions) as soon as Ben mentioned that every star had a famous line.

Kate jumping over her desk to go after Ben when he suggested they were alike. Whoa, I totally thought he was in for a beat-down.

Leo coming up with the gorilla and the basketball defense. Leave it to Leo.

“It’s gonna be a circus.”
“People like circuses!”

“I’ll be honest, the vibe’s still pretty car-bomby.”

Ben trying to talk to Kate, while trying NOT to look down her top. Too funny that he was only able to accomplish one of those tasks.

Haha! Leo as a clown. Best way to prove the unintentional blindness thing.

“Oh my gosh, don’t you want to take that off??”
“No, I love my country.”

Leo making a model of the crime screen with Skittles. I’m with Kate, it totally made me hungry too.

Kate immediately offering to help Lauren. That is what I love about her.

Kate knowing that Lauren hadn’t really made a “mistake” with Saunders’ money. Whoa, I was totally fooled.

Ben calling Justin’s office and asking for “Dudley Do Right.” LOL.

Justin completely fumbling over himself when he tried to tell Kate that he was okay with her dating again.

Hmm.well I guess now we know why Justin was so hell bent on telling Kate he was okay with her dating.

“Is it everything you hoped for?”
“Yes, exactly how I imagined it; you’re miserable and I have to pee.”

Never liking Ben more than when he turned Kate down. I would have been so disappointed if they’d slept together, especially under those circumstances.

What did you think of this episode of Fairly Legal? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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