30 Rock “Murphy Brown Lied To Us” Review

30 Rock Standards and Practices (10)
Life is happening!

The obvious question to ask from the first moments of this week’s episode of 30 Rock should be why in the world would Liz’s mother consider Adolf a good name? I’m sure there are some post-World War II Adolf’s in the world but it has to be one of the least popular names of all time. Indeed Liz, I’m glad you were born a girl. Unpopular baby names aside, what struck me most was Liz’s choice of spring cleaning attire. She seemed a bit overdressed to be doing indoor cleaning. The hat, the overalls it was just a bit much and then I realized that I was on a typical 30 Rock-inspired tangent less than 5 minutes into the show.

Spring cleaning ensembles aside, this week’s episode found several characters with major decisions to make. Of course, no decision on 30 Rock can be made without a little co-worker intervention, which usually results in great comedic moments.

Thanks to his inadvertent discovery of baby name books, Criss pushed Liz to reconsider her hopes of becoming a mother some day. Liz had a totally understandable fear of raising a child alone and an inappropriate yet funny response to a woman trying to catch her elevator with a screaming kid in tow. I loved that Liz relayed that part of the story to Criss. The highlight of this story was the wonderful mini-Liz we met thanks to Jack’s usual meddling. I’ll call you Scout, mini-Liz. Loved that Liz had a crush on someone that looked like Tom Hagen Boo Radley.

Meanwhile, Jack was faced with a tough decision when he learned that his Kabletown Kouch was a piece of “krap.” There were a ton of great Jack lines but the highlight of this story was Bazooka Joe. How is that gum still around when it is so darn hard? Are we still buying it for the Bazooka Joe comics?

Jenna decided to fake a meltdown in an attempt to get Paul back. According to Jenna, news of a meltdown creates an onslaught of ex-boyfriends. Of course, if you’re faking a meltdown you must retain Tracy as a consultant on the appropriate stunts to truly demonstrate the extent to which you’ve lost it. In a rare moment of clarity, Tracy helped Jenna realize that her meltdown was real and forced her to reveal her worry that she and Paul would never reconcile. Paul dressed as the nurse caring for Jenna during her hospital stay was a nice, cross-dressed twist on an otherwise sappy happy ending. By the way, who came up with the idea to “Kanye” the spelling bee?

Other favorite moments . . .

Tracy was on to something when he described Twitter as a media-savvy crackhead he knew.

I adored Liz’s sincere belief that a Princess Leia costume could be worn on any occasion.

The Clint Eastwood-inspired ads for Bazooka Joe and Kabletown Kouches featuring Stacy Keach were terrific.

I think my hey day was the 90s too. I could not tell you one thing about LeBron James or any other contemporary basketball player but I have a useless wealth of knowledge of players in their prime in the 1990s. I do an amazing impersonation of Bill Cartwright shooting free throws.

How does a kleptomania relapse culminate in an orgasm?

What did you think about this week’s episode of 30 Rock? What’s your take on people named Kevin? Sound off below!