Supernatural Thursdays: SPN Fanfiction – What’s Your Favorite Genre?

Supernatural - Hurt Dean

Recently my writing partner Kelly did a great article about “shipping” and it made me want to talk about the subject of fanfic in general, since I am a pretty avid reader and writer of Supernatural fanfiction myself.

Whether I’m reading fanfic or writing it, it’s usually about the escape for me, and being able to dive a little deeper into the world of Sam and Dean Winchester. I’ve read almost every type of fanfic there is, depending on what kind of mood I’m in at that particular time and what sort of escape I am seeking. Do I want some adventure? Am I looking for a laugh? Do I need a good cry? These are the questions I might ask myself before starting a search for a new story to check out.

NOTE: If you would like to see definitions of any of the terms used below, check out my fanfiction glossary.

Are you into Slash or Shipping?


Since Kelly did such a great job at defining what “shipping” is (which can also be defined as “slash”, especially when dealing with homosexual characters in a relationship), I’m not going to jump into the subject too much here.

I have been known to read a few “ships” here are there, though not too much, as I myself can’t really get into either the Wincest or J2 stuff. But I’m still curious to hear from those who do read it and why it appeals to them. I have read a little of bit of Dean/Cas and enjoyed it, though the stories I picked were very light on the ship part and focused more on them simply working together as a team. As for straight romances, I did once write a Sam/Ruby story (Gen’s version of Ruby), but it too didn’t focus so much on the relationship as it did the results of it.

Do you go for a little Hurt/Comfort?

Supernatural - Hurt Dean

Much like a lot of things in my geeky life, this is something that I have been into since way before there was a name for it. My love for fanfic started with tie-in novels (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc) and I noticed back then how much I enjoyed it when a character was hurt and another character had to help them out. It was also something that I used to be afraid to admit, but after seeing how prevalent it is within the fanfic community, I don’t any longer.

When it comes to Supernatural fanfiction, my personal favorite h/c scenarios are either Hurt!Dean or Hurt!Castiel. I’ve even written a few of said stories and I’ve found that I like writing them almost as much as I enjoy reading them. If you find this genre a little strange or are just wondering why it appeals to so many people, I tackled the subject in a blog post once and discussed my theories on why some of us fans enjoy it.

Do you like Crossovers?

Supernatural Plucky Pennywhistle's Magic Menagerie Season 7 Episode 14 (4)

Kelly also touched on this subject in a recent article, and though she wasn’t talking about fanfiction, her ideas were definitely food for thought.

I have read a few crossover stories (and heck, even wrote a NCIS/Supernatural fic once) and have found them to be a lot of fun. For me, the enjoyment factor is raised quite a bit when all of the characters stay in character, which can be a bit of a challenge when putting two completely different shows together. But when it’s done right, a crossover can usually be the only way to see some of your favorite characters interact with each other.

Do you sometimes need a little Schmoop or Fluff?

Dean, Cas and Sam - Supernatural

Someone I know recently told me that she was afraid to post her own Supernatural fanfic stories because she mostly wrote schmoop or fluff and didn’t think anyone would be into them. Now, I don’t know about you folks but sometimes I NEED some fluff after a long or stressful day.

I usually seek out some schmoop when I’ve had a bad day and I need some stress relief. I know that the term often implies that there’s a little bit of romance in the story, but I’ve seen a lot without it either and personally that’s my favorite kind. I’ve read stories where Sam and Dean do such cute things as adopt a kitten, find a baby version of Castiel or just go and have some fun for once. These kinds of stories are often fairly short and I treat them like pieces of good chocolate – something to be ingested when I need a pick-me-up.

Do you like to play in Alternate Universes (aka AU)?


AU is a land I don’t often visit but I’ve been there a few times and have been surprised at the type of stories I’ve found there. Sure, sometimes a rating of “AU” can mean that the story you are about to read is going to put you in a world you don’t recognize. But it can also take you places that you’ll never see on the show, and therefore be tons of fun.

In the world of AU, I have read stories that usually start in the canon world and then move off in their own directions. For instance Dean gets injured on a hunt and ends up in a wheelchair, or Sam and Dean are the same characters but aren’t brothers and have never met. The world of AU is wide open and as such, is almost hard to define. But I’ve certainly had fun visiting.

Do you sometimes need a fix of Crack!Fic?

SUPERNATURAL - Jensen Ackles as Dean in "Ghostfacers"

Ah, the world of crack!fics. So many of the genres I just mentioned can be interchangeable and some can even stray into the world of “crack.” Such as an AU story that goes completely off the rails and soon ends up in a fairy land with Sam and Dean riding unicorns that shoot rainbows out of their asses……wait, I guess since they’ve done that on the show now it’s not so much crack as canon now.

Usually though, a good crack!fic is defined by the fact that it can’t be put in a box and labeled. If it seems like the author of the story took a hit of something before writing the story you are reading – chances are you’re reading crack. I’ve seen a few and mostly I’ve used them for a good laugh. When I’ve had yet another day where things didn’t go right, reading some crack can sometimes make me smile for the first time all day.


So what about you folks? Do you just read Supernatural fanfiction or do you write it too? If you are a writer, do you read stuff different than what you write? Does it enhance the show for you or do you ever feel like it ruins it (getting storylines confused from fic and the real show)? Do you have other genres that you like to read that I haven’t mentioned? Sound off in the comments and let me know. I love hearing from you guys!

Also, if you’ve got any Supernatural fanfiction stories you’d like to recommend in your favorite genre, let us know that too!

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