Ringer “I’m the Good Twin” Review

Ringer I'm The Good Twin Episode 23 (Season Finale)

It was curtains for season one of Ringer in an episode titled “I’m the Good Twin”. We start out with a picturesque wedding between Bridget and Henry (can I get a collective “Awwwww” For Sarah Michelle Gellar looking so freaking beautiful it almost made me cry?), but the perfect day doesn’t last long. Bodaway crashes the reception and Bridget wakes up.

Will Bridget confess who she really is? It doesn’t seem like a great plan since Bodaway wants Bridget (not Siobhan) killed, but blah blah blah, Bridget is a good girl and wants to tell the truth. Personally, if someone were out to snuff me out, I’d pretend to be my twin sister as long as I possibly could.

This is when all of the Ringer secrets come out… which is good in theory, but bad in execution. Jimmy the cop that broke out of prison who conveniently shows up in New York to blackmail more money out of Bridget, Bridget finds out that her sister and Jimmy scared her silly into coming to New York, Andrew finds out about his wife’s affair with Henry, and Bridget confesses who she really is to Andrew.

Sounds like it would be a great episode, right? It was okay, but not wonderful. Everything was a little too convenient, a little too put together, and wrapped up a little too neatly in a cute wrapped package. There were high points – Bridget shooting Bodaway, Machado finally getting the showdown he deserves.

We could argue that the lack of a cliffhanger (it’s not a cliffhanger when the only thing left hanging is Bridget finding out that her sister wanted her dead) is actually very smart on the writer’s part for Ringer. It’s not a show that pulls in high ratings for The CW (less than a million per week), but it does have Sarah Michelle Gellar which, I feel, is the reason the show has lasted as long as it did.

The writers needed to wrap up as much as they could in case Ringer was not given a second season, and under that train of thought “I’m the Good Twin” was a great season finale. Henry got his revenge against Siobhan, Andrew is back as hero of the business, and Bridget is left wondering why her sister wanted her dead.

A bit underwhelming, but not horrible. What did you think of Ringer? Are you hoping for a season two?