Private Practice “It Was Inevitable” Review

And so we come to the actual killing of Mason’s mom, because Private Practice hasn’t brought us to tears enough this season. It’s really hard to pin-point the most heartbreaking moment of the episode. Was it Mason, amazingly studious for a little kid who’s mom is inches from death, pulling out a hand drawn picture for his mom’s homecoming? When Cooper swoops in to condescendingly explain he’s already explained that mom’s not coming home, I’m on the side of Mason; you show a kid a miracle surgery, they’re going to think that’s how medicine works.

Maybe the saddest moment was Mason asking his dad to teach him to pray so he can cure his mom like the religious kids he read about that cured their grandma with prayer (that’ll teach Cooper to leave Guideposts in the waiting room). Or it might be the most obvious, a trying-to-be stoic yet ultimately tearful Mason laying on top of his wasted-away mother, sobbing a declaration of love just before she breathes her last breath. It’s a good thing this kid’s dad’s best friend is a shrink because in the coming years (or episodes) he’s going to need a lot of therapy.

Private Practice
sometimes suffers from story-line amnesia, repeating emotional journeys that have already been completed. Amelia already accepted the motherhood role. She freaked out about potential problems, she stressed about her ability to mother, then she appeared in Sheldon’s doorway to torture him with the news that of course she’s keeping her beloved’s child. So while she could still feel a little nervous about her impending motherhood, seeing her go full circle from denial of said pregnancy with baggy sweaters and ultra-sound refusal (isn’t she six months by now? Shouldn’t her bestie the OBGYN strap her down to make sure she gets some pre-natal care at this point?) to lovingly reading the baby book was redundant.

Poor Sheldon. Really that could sum up his role in nearly every episode. This time he’s trying to save a women who doesn’t want to be saved as her husband and his colleagues yell at him for it. Sheldon would be the one who shows compassion to a woman who murdered her children, doormat Sheldon has compassion for everyone, it distracts him from the shambles of his own life. I loved how casually and quickly he told Amelia he has to rush off to his ex wife, dropping the news and disappearing as Amelia is left to puzzle out: Sheldon had a wife? Sheldon has his own issues to deal with, not just advising others about their problems?

Sam has become a real jerk. Yes, he’s dealing with some heavy emotions after finding then institutionalizing his sister, but the way he all but runs to Addison when she hears she’s given up on babies just seems so selfish. I’ve heard you’ve lost hope about your life long dream of motherhood. I didn’t want to be with you when you were getting an icky baby, but now I’m totally in love! It was great that at the moment of that very one sided reunion Addison gets the call for the baby.

So Addison is a mom. The question is, what will she whine about now?

What did you think of this week’s episode? How will Mason react to losing his mom?