NCIS “Rekindled” Review – More Clues About Tony’s Past

NCIS Rekindled Season 9 Episode 21

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, called “Rekindled”, Tony meets up with a young man from his past. The team is brought in on a case of a man found burned to death and the arson investigator for Baltimore PD is Jason King, who Tony saved from a fire twenty years before.

NCIS comes on board when they discover that the victim was a member of a Black Ops unit called The Phantom 8 and also the third member of the group murdered in the last year. He was tortured, apparently for Navy secrets – secrets that could cost a lot of lives. Turns out faulty wiring was put on a lot of Navy ships and someone out there knows just how to take advantage of that weakness to start fires.

When I first heard about this episode, I knew that Tony was going to reunite with a kid that he saved from a fire. What I didn’t know was that Tony was practically just a kid himself when he did it; just a college guy out for a walk to clear his head before a game. I also didn’t know that though Tony managed to save Jason, he also had to make a choice that no person should ever have to make – choosing to save one life over another when he decided that he couldn’t save Jason and his little sister as well. Though Jason doesn’t want to hear it, Tony does manage to get the message across to Jason that he had to do what he did, he had to choose, or they all would have died.

The other part I didn’t know about the story was the fact that that night was the first time Tony felt like he did something to make a real difference and it was the catalyst that made him decide to become a cop. I have to admit that I always did wonder what it was that made him take that route, though I guess a part of me just assumed it was some sort of rebellious act against his father. The truth is sadder and yet speaks to the man that Tony is today, a guy who’s always somehow blaming himself when the people around him get hurt; probably forever looking for a way to save that life that he couldn’t.

Judging by the ending, this storyline is far from over and I’m assuming that it will carry through until the end of the season. I also wonder if we’ll find out more about Tony as well but even if we don’t, I am so glad we got yet another piece to the puzzle that is DiNozzo.

My favorite bits..

“One more word about your boots and you’re going to find mine up your ass, DiNozzo.”

“You’ve been through puberty? I hadn’t noticed.”

“What is it with chicks and firemen?…..and don’t say hoses.” – Dangit, he took the joke right out of my mouth.

Gibbs reminding McGee not to assume anything.

McGee and Ziva in those lab coats and goggles.

The guy at the lab immediately assuming that McGee was into dorky role-playing games. Gee, I wonder whatever gave him that idea?

Gibbs asking Abby if the guys on Mythbusters were pyromaniacs. Haha! Well, that’s one way to describe them. I did love seeing two of my favorite shows collide.

Finding Billy’s love and fascination for fire just a wee bit creepy.

Abby giving Jason a hug as soon as she found out he was in a fire when he was a kid.

Jason throwing Tony out of the way to save his life, and making them even.

“I don’t know, sounds like a bunch of geek speak to me.” – Ha! Nicely done, McGee.

Ziva and McGee deciding that they needed to talk to Tony when they saw that he was catching up on his case reports.

Loving the flashback (Tony’s hair!) so much, even though it made me cry. Poor Tony..poor Jason.

“You helped, others didn’t.” – and then there were more tears. Amazing how Gibbs can do that with just a little line like that.

Whoa! That was quite a phoof! I’m a little scared now.

Tony guessing that Abby was going to call, right before she did. Looks like his Abby-dar is as good as his Gibbs-dar.

“Guess what has ammonium phosphate as its key ingredient.”
“Beer nuts.” – Haha! That would’ve been my first guess, too. Gotta love Gibbs and his zingers. He always delivers them with the straightest face ever.

Tony holding Jason back from running to the car when it started going up in flames.

“The guy from United Equinox lied to us. Geek bastard.” Haha! Yeah, you tell’em McGee!

Everyone making important phone calls, including Tony and his very important pizza order.

“No. You gave up, again. Your specialty.” – Ouch.

Tony turning off the elevator to talk to Jason. Yep, he’s learned a lot from his boss.

“I heard her screams.”
“You weren’t the only one.”

Finding out that Tony decided to become a cop the night he saved Jason’s life. Wow. *wipes away a few more tears*

No! No! Don’t go near the door!

OMG! What?? They ended it there!??

What did you think of this episode of NCIS? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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