Eureka Season 5 Premiere – It Will Blow Your Mind!

Eureka - Season 5

WOW!! I don’t know how they did it, but the writers of Eureka did it again! They have managed to turn the show on its head once again and make the fifth (and final – boo!) season of the series as exciting as its first. Every 5 minutes watching the premiere episode “Lost,” I literally went “Oh my God, Oh My GOD, OH MY GOD!!”

A lot of it had already been shown in previews, but since I hadn’t seen any of them, I was in total shock… in a good way. So if you would rather be completely surprised stop reading now because I will give away what we already found out from the previews. But if you want to find out more about the season 5 premiere, keep on reading.

Last season ended on a killer cliffhanger, with Allison stuck on the Astraeus as it was about to launch screaming at Jack to save her (heartbreaking!). The season 5 premiere takes place right after last season ended with Allison waking up on board the Astraeus. She goes to wake up the crew after realizing they are about to crash. After an intense crash land, Allison and the crewmembers realize that they are back on Earth and in Eureka! What?! But that’s not all. It has been four years since anyone last saw them. Oh yes, Eureka is delving into time travel.

And that’s only the beginning! Get ready to be utterly surprised by how much has changed in four years. There is a bit of a Terminator element, new love and so many emotional scenes. And there is even a big twist at the end (seriously I did not see it coming), which to be perfectly honest I’m not sure how I feel about yet, but I am waiting to see more from the season, it might turn out to be awesome.

If you loved the fourth season premiere, this one is almost as good and sets up the final season in a perfect Eureka-way.

I have always had a soft spot for Eureka. It is and will always remind my feel-good show. Just thinking about it makes me smile and it’s even been my iPhone screensaver since the first generation phone! I just can’t imagine not looking forward to new episodes of the show. But if it has to end, at least it looks like this final season will be as wonderful and surprising as Eureka has been all these years.

So get ready for one last trip and tune in to Eureka‘s fifth and final season premiere “Lost” tonight at 9pm on Syfy.