Nurse Jackie “Disneyland Sucks” Review

Nurse Jackie Season 4 Episode 2 Disneyland Sucks (9)

Rehab counselors can be real hard-asses.

I think that’s the number one takeaway from this week’s edition of Nurse Jackie. Rehab is always a place that shows go to find rich television. If you have a really compelling character (which Nurse Jackie does), you can mine these situations for TV gold. What’s clear from watching this week’s episode is that Jackie’s character flaws aren’t going anywhere fast. She’s still beautifully conniving, sneaky, and self-righteous. Though she may beat her addiction, it’s hard to imagine these character flaws going away anytime soon.

Back at the hospital, the makeover continues. Akalitus has rejoined the nurses on the floor, O’Hara has taken over her office, and Coop is ready to embrace the future, but he needs to shave and get a tie first. At the center of all of this change is Bobby Canavale’s Mike (short for Miguel) Cruz. Nurse Jackie has always been a fun, character-driven show built around a compelling lead, but it seems like Canavale’s character has arrived to undermine that premise. The man is a cartoon character. His single-minded effort to make All Saints Hospital profitable calls to mind a far-more dashing edition of C. Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. He has yet to reveal who is Smithers is.

The only reason that I have hope for Canavale is that the writers on Nurse Jackie have been so excellent at creating entertaining characters. If they show us there is more to Mike Cruz, then I could see myself changing my tune on him. Until then, I will look forward to the comedy stylings of young Zoey. Granted, all we got from her this week was her giving in to peer pressure (hilarious), but she sold it like a million bucks. Her comedic timing (like most of the rest of the cast) remains excellent.

Overall, “Disneyland Sucks” left me lukewarm. It was good TV, but Nurse Jackie is capable of far better. What did everyone else think? Let’s talk it out in the comments section below.

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