The Finder “The Last Meal” Review

As the weeks go on, the things that Walter is asked to find grow more and more esoteric. In
The Last Meal,” this week’s episode of The Finder, a man with a serious attachment to Cuban cuisine asks him to find the perfect plate of ropa vieja made by one specific chef…who mysteriously vanished after his restaurant was taken over by a local mob boss.

Having grown up in Florida, I love Cuban food, too, but I’m not sure I would take on a ruthless crime boss just for one specific plate of it. Still, Walter doesn’t judge; he just finds. Even if it means that he gets arrested, or held hostage in his own bar and made to eat dinner with his wacky little family at gunpoint.

That family felt a little fractured this week. Gypsy Girl got arrested after she tried to take down a hooker from whom her parole officer was mistaking her. Yes, fight mistaken identity with another notch on your crime belt. It just seemed like a weird step backwards for a character who had been making progress.

In that same arena, Isabel was surprisingly annoyed with Walter, more so than usual. Sure, she visited him when he was in jail, but she ripped him a new one, and not in a friendly, “friends with benefits” sort of way. She was actually pretty shrill and kind of got on my nerves. I like it better when they’re working together. When she just accepts that he’s unorthodox and maybe a little nuts, but that she likes it.

In the end, they found the right chef to make the right meal so that a couple wouldn’t break up, and took down a mob boss, but I have to say…if a relationship can only be sustained by the yearly consumption of a particular plate of shredded beef over rice and plantains…well, who am I to judge?

Now I want a Cuban sandwich.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!