Supernatural Thursdays – Most Memorable Moments

Supernatural Thursdays - Most Memorable Moments

Hey all! It’s Kelly, filling in for Michelle this week on Supernatural Thursdays! Recently on Twitter, I saw a poll going around that asked Supernatural fans to tweet their most memorable moments of the series. Like an good fan, I sat down to write my 140 character tweet and promptly stared at my screen blankly. I had no idea what moments were “most memorable” to me. This sparked an intriguing conversation between me and my BFF, and also involved us jotting down notes on a paper plate.

What I quickly realized is that her moments were much different than mine, and that I didn’t really know what defined a “memorable” moment. For me, Sam drinking demon blood was pretty freaking memorable, but she didn’t seem to think that was a big deal. I also discovered that coming up with memorable moments in the first few seasons was pretty difficult. Most of my choices strangely resided in seasons four through seven, even though the earlier seasons are my self proclaimed favorites.

I decided to take that challenge and write out a “most memorable moment” for each season. Let’s see how my choices stack up to yours, shall we?

Just in case you didn’t realize – if you’re not caught up on season seven of Supernatural there will be spoilers in this article. You’ve been warned.

Season One: Sam’s Powers


In the early episodes of season one, it was obvious that something was up with Sam, but we weren’t quite sure exactly what it was. Then, as Dean so eloquently put it, we learned that Sam had “the shining”. Not only did he have premonitions, but like we saw in “Nightmare” it wasn’t only visions – Sam was capable of moving things with his mind.

We didn’t know it then but Sam’s powers were much more than just special abilities that the younger Winchester just happened to have. It was all part of a much bigger plan set in to motion by Azazel when Sam was just a teeny baby.

Season Two: John’s Confession


I have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan of John Winchester when he first appeared in Supernatural. He was this elusive figure that the boys had chased for months, and just suddenly decided it was time to appear? He wasn’t there when Dean was almost killed, and didn’t seem to care about Sam and Dean very much. Obviously my opinion of John changed as we learned more about his character, and now I love the guy like he were my own dad.

But early in season two, after sacrificing himself to Azazel in exchange for Dean’s life (really, was there a dry eye in the house when he did that?), John drops a bomb on Dean that carries through right to end of season five. Something is wrong with Sam, and Dean may have to kill him. Like Dean angrily tells Sam in “Hunted”, you don’t lay that kind of pressure on your kid; especially when Dean’s entire life John had hammered into his head to protect Sam and take care of him.

Season Three: Dean Dies. And Stays Dead.


This point is going to be short and sweet. At the end of season 3 both Winchester boys had already kicked the bucket, so I don’t think any of us were really thinking that Dean was going to stay dead once the hell hounds caught up to him. Holy crap, were we wrong. Lilith was a force that the boys had never seen before and when those dogs tore apart Dean’s body and Sam was left alone while Dean screamed for him in hell… Well, I know a few people personally that swore they’d never watch Supernatural again.

Season Four: Castiel’s Entrance


This moment is more of an “That was AWESOME!” than “HOLY CRAP, GAME CHANGER!” moment. “Lazarus Rising” introduced angels into the Supernatural mythology and Castiel’s entrance with lightning, thunder, and wings was amazing. As fans we’d been exposed to “big bads” before, but we didn’t really know how accept Castiel into Supernatural. He was fierce, but couldn’t be totally bad as he pulled Dean from hell, but… what was the end game of the angels?

Season Five: Swan Song


Even as I type that I want to weep openly. “Swan Song” is my favorite episode of the entire Supernatural series. It was perfect, wrapped up every story line and left me with a sense of closure. Sam’s reigning in Lucifer and redeeming himself by jumping into hell to save the world was a flawless ending to the Lucifer rising story.

Season Six: Sam’s Soulless


From the beginning of season six Sam wasn’t quite right. We knew it, Dean knew it, and we wanted to know what was up. Was Lucifer still knocking around upstairs? Nope. Just turned out that Sam was missing a pretty important part of himself – his soul. This not only posed a problem for Dean (who wants to hunt with Robo Sam?) but it also opened the door to a pretty deep philosophical question – is Sam really Sam without his soul?

Season Seven: Bobby


I didn’t know if I wanted to write about Bobby’s death or Bobby’s reappearance, but either way Bobby’s story line in season seven has been at the top of my list for most memorable moments. He’s Sam and Dean’s surrogate father and was taken from them in a single instance. But fighting the way he always did, Bobby didn’t go towards the light as many fans thought (I didn’t for the record.). Bobby is still hanging around as a spirit helping out his boys even in the afterlife.

But why didn’t he talk to Sam through the spirit board? Was Sam lying to protect Dean (and if so, hasn’t he learned ANYTHING from lying in the past?) or did Bobby really not make contact? So many questions!


That’s that! One memorable moment for each season of Supernatural. I obviously glossed over a few biggies, but I’d love to hear your memorable moments in the comments below!

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