Psych “Santabarbaratown” Review – A Double-Whammy Ending!

Psych "Santabarbaratown" Season 6 Episode 16 (Season Finale)

You know, I really have to hand it to the folks behind Psych. Not only did they pull out another themed episode for their sixth season finale (called “Santabarbaratown, based on the movie “Chinatown”, which I unfortunately have never seen), but they also managed to put squeeze story in the last five minutes of the episode than they did in the rest of it.

Up until then, I was happily enjoying the extra sleuth-y sleuth-iness of an episode about a murder case that dates all the way back to when Henry was on the force and Shawn was just a kid trying on his dad’s police hat and hoping to be a great cop like his father someday. When the body of a missing woman is finally found, Henry gets pulled into the case and Shawn is soon feeling much like a kid on a school trip with his dad along to embarrass him. Shawn figures out things about the case he feels his dad shouldn’t have missed and starts to wonder if his pop really is the great cop he always thought he was.

In the end it turns out that Henry was duped by his old partners from the force and the case gets tied up with a nice bow before the final commercial break. And I have to admit that right then, when the screen went black for a second and I realized that we only had a few minutes left, I felt a little sad. Not only because the season finale was almost over and I was going to miss Psych, but also because I felt a little gypped out of the drama we were promised in the commercials. Sure we saw a little bit of Serious!Shawn (a staple of many of the series’ best season finales) worrying about Juliet but not nearly what I was expecting.

Little did I know that those last few minutes would carry such a wallop. First we get Shawn and Juliet basically agreeing to move in together (a HUUUUGE step for Shawn), and I was content with that. But then, the big one comes in a double-whammy. Henry decides to retire for real this time, packing up his stuff and walking out of the precinct, THEN he goes to tell his last partner about what Lou and Jack were up to, but turns out Jerry knows all about it. Why? Well, because he was in on it too. In the last second of the episode, Jerry shoots Henry point-blank and I’m sure I felt a disturbance in the Force as the voice of a million Psych fans cried out in sorrow.

Looks like we have to wait a few months to find out Henry’s fate and as for that Serious!Shawn I’d been craving, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of it come this fall. Trouble is; I really don’t know if I can wait that long.

My favorite bits..

Yay! We haven’t seen Little!Shawn in a while.

Aw, poor Shawn. I don’t think I’d be able to sleep after hearing about a case like that.

“I’ve never been so happy to see a dead person in my life.”

Yes! Of course the season finale gets the full theme song. Woot!

Woody’s “still is” after remarking that Veronica Towne was a looker back in the day.

Hey, I’m with Gus. Sometimes cat food looks damn tasty in commercials.

“Okay so do we go with your dad or Lassie.”
“Worst. Options. Ever.”

Shawn telling Gus that his dad was “twenty years weirder and this time he’s carrying a gun.”

Sh’Dynasty. That is all.

“I’m on to you, like fat….on a fat person.”

The look Shawn and Gus shared when Henry said no one wanted to nail Jordan’s ass more than he did. Oopsie.

Gus telling Shawn to suck it while snarfing down what looked like every candy bar in the mini bar.

Finding out that Shawn’s nickname in high school was Hammertime.

Dude! I LOVE Summer School! Awesome flick and so proud of the chief for knowing who played Chainsaw. Nice!

“We’re partners in a detective agency.”
“But we’re also lovers in the night time.”

Bacon soda? OMG I know so many people would probably drink that.

Shawn begging Juliet to let him stay there and look after her. Loved the way he said “please.”

Shawn and Gus so NOT getting that Jordan was sterile. My favorite was “his Hall had no Oates”. Haha!

Finding out that Shawn was delivered by a cabbie, but not in a cab.

Singing along to “suuck iiiiit” with the boys. Yeah I may have seen the commercial for this week’s ep a few too many times.

Shawn punching Jordan in the eye. I knew it wasn’t him, but that was still pretty awesome.

The conversation that Shawn and Gus had while trying to catch Jack.

Shawn admitting that his first greatest fear used to be that something would happen to him, second was that something would happen to Gus….and that now it had all changed. Awwww.

The super subtle way that Juliet got Shawn to *almost* agree to move in with him.

“Look dad, if you need to drop trou, you can drop trou.”

Shawn telling his dad that his perception of him hadn’t changed at all. Aw.

Henry kissing Shawn on the head. So sweet.

Aha! I knew that Jerry was in on it the moment Henry said he had to go tell him what happened.

Oh my gawd!!! I so didn’t see that happening. Noooooo! Henry!! They end it there?!?!

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • ptjackson

    Hey Moki – great review!

    I think “bacon soda” is one of the funniest things I have heard in such a long time – I am still laughing about it today!!

    And, yes, I cried out at the end. 8-(

    I do think you may have a typo, though – “Jerry shoots Jack point-blank and I’m sure I felt a disturbance in the Force as the voice of a million Psych fans cried out in sorrow.” Didn’t you mean Jerry shoots Henry? 😎

    • Anonymous

      oops! Yep that was a typo. Thanks! It’s fixed.  ;o)

      • ptjackson

         You are welcome – how will we survive until fall??

  • Jewels

     Haha! “Your girlfriend turned out to be your sister, who killed your father, who killed your mother, and I punched you in the face” 😀

  • Anonymous

    Can Henry really be dead?  I soooooo hope not.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I sincerely doubt it. But I’m sure we’ll have a little drama before we find out for sure. ;o)