‘Breaking In’ is Getting Cut Short (Again) by FOX

FOX giveth and FOX taketh away!

That is, assuredly, what will be said by the fans of the struggling FOX comedy Breaking In, which was brought back to life at the 11th hour by the network after a lackluster seven-episode run last summer. In a rather unprecedented move by the network, the little comedy was rescued from the cancellation axe, getting to air a handful of new episodes over the last few weeks. But, the sad fact that ‘Breaking In’ continued to draw less than stellar ratings, 3 million viewers for its most recent airing on April 3, has seemed to spell its downfall.

That’s right. News has come down, courtesy of the folks over at TV Line that ‘Breaking In’ has been pulled by FOX for the remainder of the season. That doesn’t bode well for any struggling show let alone one that was saved at the last minute such as this series.

The series stars Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Alphonso McAuley, Odette Annable and Megan Mullally (among others) as members of a high-tech security firm, who takes extreme, and often questionable, measures to sell their protection services.

It is being reported that a FOX representative has stated the remaining episodes of the second season of ‘Breaking In’ will air “at a later time”, but in TV speak, quite frankly, that means they won’t.

How do fans feel about this latest (second) ‘cancellation’. Speak up!

  • bill norris

    it sucks. Poor Slater cant win tv wise, ive actually liked the last 3 tv projects he’s been a part of. And Bret Harrison is great, loved his last 2 projects. And the newbie to the cast Erin Richards is a sweetheart to talk with on twitter, and i enjoyed the hell out of her on Breaking In. This sucks FOX.

  • ptjackson

    Well, what else does Fox expect? They yank a program after three episodes, after bringing it back after a long break, not giving it time to find its footing and audience. Honestly, this whole system is ridiculous.

    I will miss this program. A lot.

  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed the first season but I feel like this season is/was lacking something and Megan Mullally’s character is too over the top.  As much as I hate to say it, I think FOX is making the right decision this time.

    • ptjackson

       Fair enough, but who made the changes? Was it FOX? Maybe if they had not tinkered with the program, it would have appealed to more. We will never know, sad to say.

      • Anonymous

        Adding Megan Mullally to the cast feels like it was a decision by FOX executives who were hoping to grab more/different viewers.  I think it would have been better with the original cast but Odette Annable probably couldn’t find a way to balance this and House, and without her there was no reason to find a way to work Dutch back into the show.

        • ptjackson

           Sigh. Probably true. I just hate to see this show canceled…again.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, the whole reason the show struggled (in my opinion) is because of the changes they made. Finally we get an ep that “almost” feels like old times and, blam!, they pull it. Classic FOX move. Sigh. 

  • Nick Rodionoff

    Just started watching it this season and was really enjoying it and the characters…and then “poof” gone.  Never saw it promoted…a couple of friends didn’t know it was back until it was off again.