NCIS: Los Angeles “Patriot Acts” Review – Welcome Back Nate!

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) Patriot Acts

In this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, called “Patriot Acts”, a man has a bomb in the back of his truck and though the FBI catches the guy, NCIS isn’t convinced that it’s as cut and dry as all that and decide to keep snooping – much to the chagrin of the FBI, of course.

While on the search for terrorists, the team gets a visit by an old friend when Nate comes back into town to help them out, after travelling all over the world as a profiler. Thanks to the fact that he has worked with FBI in the past, he gets access to the so-called bomber and soon the team realizes that the guy may be telling the truth about not knowing anything about how a bomb got in his truck. They keep searching and soon find that another man was responsible, though he tried to pin it on his girlfriend, after already pinning other bombings on another friend years ago.

Meanwhile, with Nate in town, Nell figures out that her feelings for Eric may be more than just the brother-sister relationship she assumes they have. After she tries to flirt with Nate, he points out that she only does it when Eric is around. In the end we see her giving Eric all kinds of green lights, now that she realizes how she really feels, but I wonder how long it will take Eric to figure out the same thing?

My favorite bits..

Idiots doing their makeup while driving. I wish I could say I’ve never seen that in LA, but I’d be lying.

Sam and Callen commenting on Deeks’ interest in Nell and Kensi’s friendship.

“He knows every pair of her jeans.”
“But you don’t know mine?”

Sam petting Deeks’ head to his protest of “I don’t like inappropriate touching and neither does Hetty.”

“And that’s why they call her Henrietta the Hammer.”
“Straight up, Mr. Deeks.”

AAHHHH!!! Nate!!! I missed you!!! (is it wrong that I wanted to hug my TV screen?)

I’m so with Callen, the warm chocolate chip cookies do indeed taste better at 30,000 feet.

Kensi slapping Deeks to train him not to be the center of every conversation. That’s a tough job. She might want to switch it up and start using a tazer at some point.

Giggling at Nell hugging Nate. I’m about her same height so it gave me a good idea of how tall he really is. Wow.

“A real live Yes Man. Only thing left on my list is Big Foot.”

The way Sam and Callen talked their way into the bomber’s apartment…well, almost.

“You guys FBI?”
“NCIS. FBI’s hipper, younger brother.”

Nate noticing that Nell only flirted with him when Eric was in the room. The more she denied it, the more we all believed it. Haha!

“You can run, but I’m already in your head little Nell.” – Oh Nate, I’ve missed you.

Deeks and Kensi slowly sliding down in their seats when they saw all the bikers rolling up.

Nate going in to the interrogation wearing a camera. Nice!

Thinking that a good way to prove that a suspect was NOT simply paranoid about the FBI, was to have the FBI guys take him away as soon as he said it.

“In that case, what’s you stance on chaps?”
“Never on a first date…well, almost never.”

Deeks. In. Chaps. – That is all.

The guys in the bar calling Deeks out as a cop the moment he opened his mouth.

That tackle Deeks used to take down Harold off his bike.

Finding out that Harold named his bike Maude. Nice.

“It’s the truth!”
“Did I mention my sister’s far-sighted?”
“Okay! Okay!” – Best interrogation technique ever.

“Who leaves without locking their door in LA?” – Not me, that’s for sure.

Finding out that Deeks grew up playing the…..violin??

Nell managing to psycho-analyze herself, without Nate opening his mouth.

Really wanting Deeks to pick up one of those violins and start playing, while they were questioning the owner of the shop.

Cracking up at the fact that Eric said the bomb was in the baseball field in Verdugo Park. Trouble is, there is no baseball field in that particular park, not the real one anyway. Oops.

Ambrose running off like a little girl, leaving the team to handle the bomb on their own.

The team making Ambrose apologize.

Nell making extra sure that Eric knew she had no plans for the foreseeable future.

Final Funny Blackout Moment: “I’m surprised I didn’t run into them…..”

What did you think of this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • FuzzyRhino

    Good episode,loved seeing Nate again umm…verdugo park…The park contains two (2) artificial turf soccer fields, one (1) baseball field, two (2) softball fields, a concession/restroom building, and a meeting room. Use the field all the time : )

    • Anonymous

      Oh that’s weird, there must be more than one because the one near my house has only a pool, two tennis courts, plus a few picnic tables and lots of free land w/trees, etc for people to just wander around. Sounds that other Verdugo Park is much bigger. The one near me is very tiny. LOL. 

  • Josh

    There are two verdugo parks in the greater Los Angeles area.  One is in Burbank and the other is out in Glendale.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, I see that now. I’ve never been to the one in Glendale, only Burbank. 

      • Josh

         Yeah, the cool thing is that I’m pretty sure that they were actually filming that scene on Stengel Field in Verdugo park.

  • Lee Ann

    I see the Verdugo Park issue has been resolved.  You should try living in the DC area and watching what television does to the geography here (even my beloved NCIS).  Anyway, I enjoyed this episode, especially the whole thing with Deeks and the violin!

  • Tara

    Nice twist the writer of this episode threw in.  I really thought it was going to be some big terrorist plot, in fact I was kind of wondering if the team wouldn’t be able to close the case and it would continue over into the big crossover episode with Hawaii Five-O.  But nope, it turns out a middle eastern kid was falsely accused of a crime years ago.
    Another big surprise, Deeks knows how to play the violin.  Never would have guessed.
    Laughed out loud at Deeks being made as a cop when he and Kensi entered the bikers bar and when the two were outside and they both slid down into their seats at the same time as the gang of bikers pulled into the parking lot.  And of course, loved how Hetty went to a monster truck rally.  Next time, I think she and Kensi and Nell should all go together.

  • Ceindreadh

    Re Deeks being ‘made’ as a cop in the biker bar, wasn’t it the guy he’d already busted before that recognized him and called him out?  Poor Deeks, guess it’s one of the downsides of being a good cop, too many bad guys know who he is!

  • Sweet Lu

    How many people got the reference to the movie “Harold and Maude” when the biker told Deeks the name of his bike. Old, kinda creepy movie, so I’m thinking it had to be an older writer who loves creepy weird old movies. The reference seemed odd to me. But, as long as I get to see Deeks in chaps, I’m happy. Oh, and Deeks was made as a cop, not because he sounded like one, but because he had history with Harold, having arrested him a few years back.