The Borgias Season 2 Advance Review

The Borgias Episode 201

The Borgias returns for its second season tonight at 10:00 pm ET on Showtime. I had the privilege of watching the first four episodes of this second season in advance and it looks like it is going to be a good one!

The Borgias centers around the Borgia family and their rise in Italy and in the Catholic Church, highlighted by the senior Borgia’s election as Pope. Although depicted as a historical rendition, The Borgias excelled with scenses of warfare, sex, hints of incest, and outright blood and violence. When one does not ascend to power rightfully, one can only expect turmoil and coups along the way. Indeed, the first season left viewers with one illegitimate Borgia baby, multiple mistresses, and the King of France and his entire army heading to Rome and the Borgias.

The second season wasted no time in getting right back into the action. Indeed, there was a near death and actual death in the first 10 minutes. From there until the end of the first hour, the action just continued. Not only was there fighting involved, but sex. A lot of sex. How powerful must a man be to cheat on his mistress with somoene else? How many mistresses can one have exactly? Rodrigo Borgia may be able to answer that question.

The next three episodes continued the momentum, if not the sex. Without giving too much away, alliances are formed and plans are made to stave off the French army. It amazed me that the Borgias were able to come together at all in light of the inner turmoil that is rampant in their family. Is it even possible to keep track of the backstabbing, betrayals and schemes among the family, let alone those against them? Indeed, when Lucrezia seeks revenge, the execution is so genius that the viewer can see both admiration and fear on her victim’s face. As an aside, is there really any better schemer than Lucrezia? She may have been married off, but she is Borgia at heart.

What can you expect in the second season of The Borgias? From the first four episodes, I would say more of the same. Every avenue seems amped up – the violence, the sex, the intricate plot lines. In the third episode, Cesare ponders “There is nothing in this city that is what it seems.” An appropriate sentiment, not only for the series, but for its sophomore season. It is good to have the lewd and mischievious papal family back. Although Jeremy Irons is a favorite in his role as the Borgia patriarch, I am partial to Francois Arnaud as Cesare, despite his incestual leanings.

Do you plan on watching the second season of The Borgias? Who is your favorite character? What do you hope will happen this season? Let me know down below and then tune in tonight at 10 pm ET to The Borgias on Showtime.