Grey’s Anatomy “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” Review

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy has taught its viewers how to handle a cold, distant, unforgiving husband: just get them to confess to an affair! Suddenly they’ll be after you constantly for your love and forgiveness. The dynamics of Cristina and Hunt might be more frustrating then those of apologetic Grey and sad Derek.

Derick telling Lexie she’s his resident, not his bestie sister-in-law in the world of Seattle Grace is really, really funny. Every doctor we follow has some unbreakable tie to another that probably makes it unethical for them to be working under them (insert on-call room joke here). He’s married to her sister and best friends with her former boyfriend who has a child with her former crush’s ex-wife who’s current wife has apparently slept with a sizable portion of the Seattle Grace docs and support staff. The question still remains, with only about seven episodes separating Arizona’s arrival and the start of her relationship with Callie, when did she have time to hook-up with so many people?

The “revelation” that it might be tough on Arizona to constantly be in contact with someone Callie slept with (and conceived a child with and is best friends with) seemed ridiculous to be saved for the end. The first time Arizona mentions knowing Callie’s past the discomfort should have dawned on her. That said, any dissension that could break up the two-headed monster Callzona has become was welcome.

Meredith and Cristina BFF moments are always the highlight of any episode, whether they’re a death glare at a cheating husband or unprompted ice cream treats. I also think it marks a point in Meredith’s maturity and the strength of their friendship that Meredith understands and respect Cristina’s decision to keep Hunt’s infidelity from her instead of whining that she didn’t let her in on the secret.

Bailey’s decision to comfort Owen about his affair rather than ream him out was surprising and disappointing. He’s right, Cristina’s one of her own, one of the few of her original intern class she has left, and she should have given him a lecture in true Bailey fashion. It would have made up for her grating rambling in the OR.

I understand that Teddy’s laughter at her fellow widows’ underestimation of her late husband’s condition is suppose to illustrate how incredibly messed up Teddy is, but it just came off as cruel and uncalled for. Henry’s been dead for a while, and while the window for grief and acceptance is still open, the one for excused grief-fueled nastiness has closed. I just hope her bathroom psych-up closes her need for closure; it’s time.

While a Grey’s staple is using very, very obvious parallels between a patients personal life and their doctor’s pressing problem, the metaphor of Cristina cleaning out hearts and making new ones seemed oppressively heavy-handed. Tossing the cereal at Hunt in the final scene was needed just get to remind the audience Cristina Yang is not a push-over.

And with all the drama going on with their friends and colleagues, happy couple Mer-Der can just go home, give their adorable daughter a memento of their gnawed-on patients, and unironically vow fidelity in spite of how they met. And how they got back together. In spite of their entire romantic history.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Will Cristina forgive Owen?