Supernatural Thursdays – Crossovers I’d Like To See


Hi everyone! While this week of Supernatural Thursdays was going to be a follow up to the “Are You A Shipper” article, a few things happened to delay that plan. 1.) There was an insane response and I still need to make coherent notes on the topic so I can best represent each side of the debate. 2.) I broke my hand, and while writing on pain killers is fun, I really want to do you guys justice about the “ships”. I tell you this so you’ll forgive any mistakes I make in this article, typing while not using your three middle fingers of your left hand is sort of difficult.

Instead of my shipper follow up (which will come in two weeks), I bring you “Crossovers I’d like to see”. Since Supernatural has strong stories in both horror and sci-fi, and this is my favorite genre, this was a fun list for me to make!

The Walking Dead


For those of you living under a rock, The Walking Dead is a show on AMC based on the comic books of the same name. The world has been overrun by zombies and it’s every man (and woman, and child) for himself. The show follows a small group of survivors and their way of dealing with the zombie apocalypse that has taken over the world.

What better place to have Sam and Dean? Aside from the fact that they’ve already dealt with zombies a few times, granted, not The Walking Dead type zombies, but the basis of the reanimated corpses in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (Season 5 Episode 15) are flesh eating corpses that are killed with a head shot, so in my book? Those are zombies.

Aside from the boys having dealt with the dead rising before, with their survival skills it’d be awesome to see them school The Walking Dead characters about setting up camp, etc. And, selfishly, I just want to see the tension between Dean and Shane. Just saying.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer


We’re talking old school Buffy. Preferably with Faith intact because she and Dean would have some SERIOUS attraction that would be amazing to see. Let me say this – I’m biased. Buffy is, and probably will forever be, one of my favorite television shows. So to see Supernatural cross over into Buffy would be a just… *sigh* perfect.

Why, you ask? Vampires, monsters, demons, the apocalypse, characters dying and coming back to life, etc, etc, etc. Buffy and Supernatural already follow similar themes. And I really, REALLY love thinking of Buffy herself schooling Sam and Dean on the proper way to kill a vampire… at least in her world.

The X-Files


I’m going to say this and please don’t kill me, but I haven’t seen every episode of The X-Files. In fact, I think I’ve gotten through the first season. Maybe. Regardless, The X-Files (or what I saw of it) is creepy. And I like Mulder as a person, and I feel that he and Dean would be a great sarcastic team.

I also would be interested to see the two pairs work a case together. How different their styles are – Sam and Dean the rogue hunters with Mulder
and Scully as the FBI agents. OH! The FBI agent thing would be intriguing as well. Would Mulder and Scully turn in Sam and Dean? Would they become partners in their fight against the unknown? So many questions! Too bad The X-Files aren’t around any more to have them answered.


Okay, folks! Like I said, the “shipping” war to be continued my next go round on Supernatural Thurdays! But until then, tell me in comments what shows you’d like to see Sam and Dean make an appearance!

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