Person of Interest “Flesh and Blood” Review

With only three episodes left this season after tonight’s episode “Flesh and Blood”, Person of Interest returned tonight with the dramatic recurrence of the elusive M. Elias.

After several episodes away, Enrico Colantoni is reprising his role as the enigmatic M. Elias. We don’t find out too much more about him at first, other than the fact that he’s still holding Gianni Moretti, played by the great character actor Mark Margolis.

We then found out that Elias is resurfacing in an attempt to track down and kill the heads of the major crime families in New York City, and all five of their numbers came up on Finch’s machine. For me, this just raised more questions than it answered. Can the machine pop out multiple numbers at a time? If so, whose exactly does it bring up? You’d think that dozens of people are in the threat of danger in New York City every day, so does Finch just sort through all of the numbers that come up every day and pick the ones he likes the best?

I also immediately started questioning Elias’ methods. If his goal was to take control of the organized crime in the city, then why did he start killing the heads of the families? Also, why did he pick now to strike? What’s he been doing all this time with Moretti? Just chilling in his wine cellar?

Putting aside all of these questions, it was still a very enjoyable episode. It was great to see Carter’s son again, as it really helps humanize her a bit, and it made it all the more upsetting when he got kidnapped by Elias. Having Reese so personally involved in his rescue attempt made it even more exciting when he inevitably found him. Plus, kneecapping somebody through the door was freaking awesome!

We also got some pretty great backstory for Elias. Flashbacks are really rare on this show, so it’s always exciting to get a little more info on the major characters. While it did look like curtains on M. Elias at first, we saw that he still had one more trick up his sleeve when he blew up Moretti and his son in their car. This was one of the most artistic and best shot scenes in the shows history, and a great swan song if it really is M. Elias’ last kill in a while. I hope to see more from him soon, so maybe he’ll escape before the season finale. We’ll see!

Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else see that car explosion coming from a mile away? It was still an awesome explosion, nonetheless.

– It’s pretty funny that between this show and Breaking Bad, Mark Margolis has played two roles where he has to portray himself as a young man and an old man. They sure made him look 20 years younger in that flashback scene with the young Elias!

– Speaking of flashbacks, was this the first time we’ve had flashbacks on this show that weren’t centered on Reese?