CSI “Split Decisions” Review

CSI has never been afraid to use twins or triplets or even a family with multiple sets of both in order to keep the audience guessing up until the last second, and last night’s episode, “Split Decisions,” was no exception. Thanks to the same miracle of science that gave us Octomom, four embryos turned into three men and one boy willing to kill the scientist who created them.

How is possible to kill a man in the middle of a crowded casino? Well, it’s easy if you have two copies of yourself running around, giving poor Archie and his facial recognition software a run for their money. The CSI’s managed to track down two copies, but they both gave plausible alibis and thanks to video footage that put them in two places at the same time, it seemed like they might get go free.

But although they counted on their matching DNA giving them both reasonable doubt, they didn’t count on another blood test that looks at environmental influences in the blood. Thanks to this test, the team could determine which man actually committed the crime.

Two quickly turned into three, however, as the team found one copy dead in his hotel room, seemingly a remorseful suicide. Again, thanks to the alternate DNA test, they realized that the third wasn’t killed by either of the first two…he was done in by a fourth brother! And thanks to Archie’s software, the fourth brother was revealed to be the adolescent son of the dead mad scientist, the man who implanted identical embryos from one mother into three other women, including his own wife years later.

Must have been a bad batch, as they all turned out to be criminals and killers. Nature over nurture this time. CSI does seem to favor nature in that duel, perhaps because it makes for a better, more compelling story. I suppose you could call this episode intriguing, although I figured out the embryo thing at least one step ahead of the team.

Is it any wonder, though, that Sara and Grissom have apparently decided not to procreate, even though their child would likely be a genius? Every time Sara feels something for a kid, he or she turns out to be a crazy killer. Eventually, that has to put a girl off motherhood for good.

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