The Voice “Eliminations, Week 1” Review

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Live rounds on The Voice means special effects, spiked red jackets on Cee Lo, audience voting and sadly, more eliminations. Viewer votes automatically save two contestants on each team. The bottom three battle it out one last time, after which the judges select one final contestant to move forward to the next round.

It would not be an elimination show without a bit of filler. Carson’s contribution included useless chatter with Blake and Christina about the difficulty of sending two of their team members home. According to Blake, “it’s sucky.” Team Adam joined Gym Class Heroes for a live performance and it seemed as though their microphones were not on. Somehow The Voice managed to layer in more filler with that performance. Team Adam was on stage for all of 20 seconds. They were literally filler in a filler performance.

Just when I thought Carson was going to reveal the top voters on Team Blake, he pulled a good ol’ bait and switch and “filled” with a segment featuring Team Blake spending quality time at a radio station. You win this time Daly.

Results time!

Saved by the viewers: Erin, Jermaine, and RaeLynn. No surprises there.

Time for Team Christina filler at the Jay Leno show. Best part of that segment? Chris commenting that performing on Jay Leno was an injection of desire. That’s what she said!

Saved by the viewers: Jesse, Lindsey and Chris. I don’t envy Christina. To paraphrase Blake, choosing between Ashley, Sera and Moses is sucky. Before their last chance performances, I was hoping Christina would save Moses. He is entertaining and I think he could benefit the most from more time with her.

Last chance performances . . .

Team Blake:

Naia – Good performance. I still can’t help but think there was a better song for her. Blake wished Naia would have done something reggae-influenced and so did I. Interestingly, Naia also wanted to do something off the beaten path but had a very limited selection of song choices. Escandolo! Okay, maybe it’s not a scandal. Getting clearances for songs is a tricky business and it makes sense that the song collection is largely made up of of mostly top-40 songs going back maybe as far as the 1970s with a few off-the-beaten path songs sprinkled about.

Charlotte – I liked the song choice but the performance sounded forced/strained at times.

Jordis – Before hearing Blake’s decision, I suspected that he would likely choose her to move forward. Her performance was great and perhaps the strongest of the three.

Team Christina:

Ashley – I liked her presentation and attitude but thought she was vocally a bit weak. I was not as crazy about Ashley as the audience and Christina’s fellow judges but I can definitely see her potential for growth.

Sera – Singing Mariah Carey is a bold move, particularly if it is the song that put her on the map. I liked Sera’s rendition but it was not that memorable.

Moses – Although he may not be the strongest singer, Moses was much more interesting to watch. He made a good choice by choosing a song that allowed him to just sing. There is no denying that this kid has personality and it was disappointing to see him go.

Up next – Team Adam and Team Cee Lo! Let’s get our wigs ready and keep our fingers crossed for an apperance by Mr. Purfect.

Sound off below on the first round of eliminations on The Voice. Did you vote? Did the viewers and the judges get it right?