Survivor: One World “Just Annihilate Them” Review

Good evening, everybody! Tonight’s episode of Survivor: One World has been brought to you by 7up! The crisp, clean lemon-lime taste of 7up just can’t be beat! 7up, the uncola!

But seriously, Survivor has always been kind of goofy when trying to incorporate product placement into the program (Outback Steakhouse in Heroes Vs. Villains comes to mind), but I understand that it’s a necessary evil. Despite the fact that 7up seemed like an odd choice for a promotional partner, it was a great challenge and good fun to watch. That slide was really freakin’ steep!

While the winning tribe enjoyed their lovely little feast at the beautiful 7up Oasis, Kim and Sabrina started doing some serious strategizing. When I saw Kim call Sabrina over to talk, I thought she was going to ask her if she wanted to look for a clue for the hidden immunity idol. I’m genuinely surprised that nobody brought it up, as there’s usually a clue hidden at these oasis rewards.

After the winners return from the Oasis with a cooler full of 7up (How nice of the producers to allow them to do that!) we get yet another classic Tarzan moment. Not only does he bother his camp by taking a piece of bamboo from the wall for firewood (There’s a whole forest worth of firewood right next to you!), he flips his freaking wig when Chelsea calls him out on it. Saying that she doesn’t like him because he’s a plastic surgeon and she’s had plastic surgery was just ludicrous. She doesn’t like you because you’re an ass! Your profession doesn’t enter into it, crazy man!

After this little spat we see your typical pre-tribal scramble, which mostly consisted of Kim running around doing some damage control. After that we go straight into the tribal, and for the first time this season I really had no idea who would be going! I know Mike’s name was coming up a lot pre-tribal, but they threw up so many red herrings that it really threw me off. Even though three different people got voted for, the girl’s alliance all stuck together and it now looks like they’re in complete control of the game. It will be interesting to see if they keep their alliance strong or crumble next week! Can’t wait!

Random Thoughts:

– The egregious product placement reminded me a lot of the most recent episode of Community, “Digital Exploration of Interior Design”. The integration with Subway was both hilarious and well done. I wrote that review, also. I suggest you go check it out!

– Jeff’s shirt was so sparkly at tribal! I know it’s because the rain was beading up on his shirt, but the light sure caught it well!

– Sometimes it feels like Jeff is almost too good of a host that he must be fed questions from the footage back at camp. He asks questions that really get to the heart of the issues that the contestants are dealing with everyday. Really impressive hosting work.