One Tree Hill “One Tree Hill” Review

One Tree Hill Series Finale (4)
One Tree Hill, the little show that could, took its final bow this week with the not-so-ironically titled episode, “One Tree Hill.” And like most of the series, there was tenderness, tears and a completely non-linear timeline that ended in a massive flash-forward.

The main feature of the night was the music. Tyler Hilton (as Chris Keller) played, Haley sang, and Gavin DeGraw showed up to sing the song that put him on the map. Was it cheesy to see the gang arm-in-arm, singing their own theme song? Maybe just a bit. But I think that the fans of this show who have stuck with it through nine seasons and two networks are more than happy to have a little cheese after so many years of drama.

Everyone is happy. Not only did Clay and Quinn get legal custody of Logan back from his grandparents, they decided to get married at city hall at the same time, trading a big wedding for the chance to be a family right away. Call me a heartless critic, but theirs were the scenes that made me roll my eyes the most. Yes, they’re beautiful and perfect and I get that they’re in love. Can we move on now?

But, alas, it was pretty much the same for all the other couples. As they have been since season one, Haley and Nathan were still together, still madly in love, still living their happily ever after. Haley even passed on the old hidden box of wishes to Jamie. The next generation cometh.

Mouth and Millie got a bit of a surprise when Mouth received a check for half a million dollars from Dan’s estate. Whether it was because Mouth did something good for Nathan once upon a time, or some other reason, he might never know. But Mouth took the money and set up a scholarship in Jimmy’s name for any Tree Hill student going to college not to be a ball player, but to be a coach, a trainer or even a commentator.

Brooke walked down memory lane so many times in the episode that I was worried she might get lost. In her defense, if my husband built an exact replica of my high school in order to film a series based on my life, I might get overly nostalgic, too. It didn’t help matters when he bought the house in which she grew up, in order to give it the family that hers wasn’t during her childhood years.

Chris Keller got fired from running the label, only to have Haley immediately sign him as their newest act. Chase got the bar and a lot of crap for his drink specials. Would have liked to have seen his girlfriend come back, but it was not meant to be, I guess. Skillz even got another chance at Bevin, his high school sweetheart.

So, everyone was accounted for, happy and looking forward to more of the same. Then, everything jumped forward several years. Karen’s Cafe and Brooke’s Baker Man store sat side by side. Millie was massively pregnant. Logan was looking not quite old enough to match up to the timeline. And everyone was gathered to cheer on Jamie Scott, the start of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team…who had fulfilled his wish of beating his father’s team record.

The last word of the show was “heart,” which I think is what One Tree Hill’s fans will take away from the episode. To the outside eye, it was one seriously cheesy hour of television. To them, though, it was a much deserved, very appropriate goodbye.

What did you think of the finale? Let me know below!