New Girl “Secrets” Review

New Girl Secrets
In the appropriately titled “Secrets,” this week’s episode of New Girl, all things hidden came to the surface, including a lot of stuff that made Jess almost wish that burqas were mandatory for American women, especially women living with three men. Give it time, Jess.

The big secret of the night was, of course, Schmidt’s affair with CeCe. Winston had been sitting on the news since the ill-fated trip to Mexico, but as soon as he spilled the beans to Nick, all bets were off. Nick can’t keep a secret. As soon as she next walked through the door, Jess heard that her best friend had been sleeping with one of her roommates, and that she’d been lying about it for weeks.

I liked that when it came right down to it, the betrayal Jess felt wasn’t because CeCe was doing the deed with one of the boys, but that she hadn’t been honest about it. CeCe countered with the fact that she didn’t tell Jess because she didn’t want to be judged for her choices, but the BFF radar most girls possess told Jess this was also a lie. CeCe didn’t tell Jess about Schmidt because she didn’t want her best friend to know that she was falling for him.

So, there’s a new secret that Jess has to keep now, that CeCe actually likes the coiffed, manicured, sometimes douchy man with whom she’s been secretly sleeping. It’s a much better secret, I have to admit. Way better than the reveal that not only have all three of the guys fantasized about Jess while masturbating, but that Jess has likely returned the favor while flying solo. I guess I can understand both sides. I often dream about Zooey Deschanel’s amazing bangs myself. Oh, to have enough forehead to pull off that look…

Meanwhile, Nick was been trying to be more like Schmidt by dating and dumping a long line of college girls. Unfortunately, Nick sucks at being a player. The girls got mixed messages, then they got jealous, then they got crazy. Still, practice makes perfect and after working on his skills for awhile, Nick eventually got to the point where he could juggle two former hook-ups in under a minute. No, Nick!! Do not use your powers for evil!

I’m really interested to see what happens next with CeCe and Schmidt. How long will this stay “just sex” before one or both of them wants to turn it into something real? Also, what happened to Jess’s fancyman, Russell? Will he disappear or will we get to see him again? Let’s hope they don’t keep us hanging on that.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!