Justified “Coalition” Review

Justified Coalition Season 3 Episode 12 (11)

“Coalition” is the final episode before the Justified finale next week and holy crap did things go down in Harlan this week!

Dickie, Errol, and Boyd all group up to rob a bank. Apparently, the money that Limehouse has been hiding that everyone has been searching for is safe in a deposit box in a bank that Boyd has conveniently robbed before. So plan number one is this: the trio will blow something up on the opposite end of town, which will distract the cops from the bank robbery. Pretty much Boyd’s standard MO, which is why Limehouse knows what’s about to go down.

He tells Quarles that he should be at the bank when whatever it is explodes, and then Raylan shows up to find out where the money is, and he and Limehouse have words. Raylan knows that Limehouse would not put the money in a bank, and after some taunting, Limehouse tells Raylan to head on down to the bank himself to see what’s what.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Boyd knows that Errol is setting him up since Errol would never betray Limehouse. However, what he doesn’t know is that Arlo has lost his damn mind and has locked Ava up while he goes to attempt to rob the bank himself. Poor Arlo. While he wasn’t the best father (or person) in the world, it’s sad to see his mind deteriorate.

After not being able to get in touch with Ava, more things go down in the bar – Dickie knocks out Johnny and holds Errol and demands to know where the money really is, and Errol tells him. Cut to Dickie showing up at Loretta’s where Raylan is waiting for him. Dickie is shot, and returned to jail, and Raylan leaves the money with Loretta, telling her to not spend it on anything stupid. Like a Van Halen concert. Oh, Raylan. You’re so funny!

Now Quarles knows that Boyd is just sitting alone in his bar, so he sets out to kill him… in a car rigged to explode. Wynn follows and when everyone is close enough to the vehicle, the bomb is set off. Tropper Tom was around the area and comes to investigate the explosion. Boyd and Johnny were only knocked down from the blast, but Quarles is on a rampage (and on fire) and shoots Tom before the officer can draw his weapon.

Raylan is TICKED and this will probably be the end for everyone in the Holler because Raylan really liked Tropper Tom.

That’s where it ends! No idea what Arlo is up to, or if he took the explosion as a sign to break into the bank. No idea if Raylan will kill Quarles, or who he’s going to go after next. I’m nervous, Justified fans! Everyone is open to die on this show! It’s time to sit back, take some breaths, and wait for the finale.

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