Body of Proof “Going Viral Pt. 2” Review

Megan, the CDC and the FBI raced to not only find a cure for, but the source of the deadly disease sweeping the city before it claimed the life of another co-worker in “Going Viral Pt. 2,” this week’s Body of Proof.

When we left off last week, Kate had just succumb to her symptoms, no longer able to deny that the accidental needlestick had given her the uber-virus. Now that she was was under quarantine, it was up Megan and her team to save Kate’s life. Thanks to a patient who hung on for longer than 72 hours, the team was able to determine that in order to keep himself alive to spread the disease, the killer was injecting himself with a random drug that delayed death.

Dr. Stafford of the CDC was able to use the higher viral count in the random patient to identify the disease as the meaner cousin of the Ebola virus. Unfortunately, the only cure developed for it was experimental and untested, and once given to the patient, apparently deadly. Fortunately Megan was able to figure out in time that liver disease and alcoholism killed the man, not the cure. Eventually the experiment proved successful and saved all the lives, including Kate.

But before that happened, the team needed to track down the source. After pinpointing large clusters of infection sites, they were able to find surveillance footage from a bus that showed a man purposely spreading his blood over the hand rails. While we were given a name and a background about the killer, we were never really given a motive beyond his sick ramblings about overpopulation. I suppose terrorists aren’t supposed to make sense, but I think the audience might have needed more reasoning behind the act, if only to reassure ourselves before bed that this sort of thing can’t and won’t happen in our city.

While Nick came to terms with Dani’s death and mourned with her mother, Kate offered Dr. Stafford a job at the ME’s office after he was fired from the CDC for stealing the experimental drug. Will Luke Perry be joining the cast next season? Will there be a next season? That remains up in the air, but I think it would be a good addition. To my surprise, I actually bought him as a doctor. I didn’t just see Dylan Walsh in a lab coat.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below.