Belle and Maleficent to Return to ‘Once Upon a Time’

Once Upon a Time

Actresses Emilie de Ravin, best known for her role on the ABC juggernaut series ‘Lost’ and Kristin Bauer van Straten from the HBO vamp series ‘True Blood’ will both be back in their roles of Belle and Maleficent (respectively) on the debut season of the fairytale drama Once Upon a Time.

According to the folks at TV Line, both actresses will be back for episodes in May; but it is unclear if it will be the same or different episodes.

It is also unclear if Maleficent will be seen only in the fairytale world or if, like Belle, who was seen briefly in Storybrooke as an unnamed woman being held in an underground cell for which Mayor Regina Mills (aka The Evil Queen) [aka actress Lana Parrilla] paid a visit, Bauer van Straten will play her Storybrooke alter ego (if she even has one).

As most will remember Maleficent and The Evil Queen fought over the spell that allowed the Queen to send all of the fairy tale characters to our world, allowing her to be the only one with a “happy ending”. Meanwhile, Belle was first a prisoner of Rumplestilskin (Robert Carlyle) – in order to save her father’s kingdom – but eventually fell in love with Mr. Gold’s fairytale land counterpart.

As stated by co-creator Eddie Kitsis, “(Belle is) sitting there [alive], with the person who loves her [Rumpelstiltskin] not realizing it, and he would be someone I would not want to piss off”. That being said it will be very interesting to see what happens to Belle next not to mention what Malificent will do next to The Evil Queen.

An all new episode of ‘Once Upon a Time’ won’t air until Sunday, April 22 on ABC at 8/7c.