Raising Hope “Sabrina’s New Jimmy” Review

Raising Hope returned tonight with another great episode tonight with “Sabrina’s New Jimmy”. While it may not have been the funniest installment of all time, and it did bring up a pet peeve of mine that’s pretty “wiggity wack”, there was still plenty of laughs to be had.

I’ll get to the pet peeve right away so I can spend more time talking up the hilarious parts of the installment. I was really a bit annoyed that the main story this week centered around Jimmy being jealous about Sabrina again, and he started over-analyzing and freaking out over nothing again. We’ve already seen Jimmy fret about Wyatt, that 14 year old boy earlier this season, and just about every other guy that speaks to Sabrina, so it was a bit annoying that even now that he’s dating her we still have to deal with him going through his insecurities. It was a bit different this time since Sabrina actually realized she was in the wrong, but it still got on my nerves.

Thankfully, though, just about everything else about this episode was hilarious. My biggest complaint with Burt and Virginia’s storylines has always been that the writers feel they need to make them learn something. It seems like every episode has them learn some type of lesson or moral about how to better their relationship. This week, however, they completely abandoned that in favor of just being freaking funny. And isn’t that all we really want?

When Burt set off the dancing boobs in Virginia’s house, I threw my head back and laughed like Burt’s genie friend Vali. Who knew that such a simple sight gag would be turned into a running joke for the rest of the episode? Even though Burt’s reasoning was simple (“I see a button, I push a button”), the dancing breasts were so mesmerizing to him and all the men in the neighborhood that they all gathered around and stared in amazement. However, Burt quickly realizes that the lovely bunch of coconuts are starting to negatively affect Hope, and decides to get rid of them. This was the perfect example of what Raising Hope does so well. You take something hilarious, add some great writing and heart, then end with some honest to goodness character development. Seeing Burt spring into action to keep his granddaughter from growing up to dance on a pole was the kind of selfless act that you often see from him, but it rings true every time and reminds you that he’s such a great character on such a great show. I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see Mr. Dillahunt’s name mentioned come Emmy season!

Random Thoughts:

– I also show my wife my Q-tips when I’m done. Is that weird?

– Burt’s UPN jokes were probably the funniest jokes of the night.

– I don’t know if anybody noticed, but last week my review was tweeted by Martha Plimpton, as well as posted by the official Raising Hope Twitter and Facebook pages! Thanks for the support, guys! Keep up the good work!