Breaking In “Cyrano de Nerdgerac” Review – Back to Basics, and Hilarity

Breaking In Cyrano de Nerdgerac Season 2 Episode 5

Hey guys, guess what? Breaking In is back! No really, it is! After a few episodes that sort of stumbled a bit (at least to me), it’s really back to its old (and hysterically funny) ways.

In this episode, called “Cyrano de Nerdgerac”, Veronica commits the ultimate sin – she steals Oz’s pudding. In fact, she’s been taking a lot of things from him lately and he’s decided that enough is enough and goes about taking something from her: Molly. In order to steal Veronica’s assistant out from under her, he enlists his two best men for a multi-pronged attack designed to get Molly thinking that Veronica is bad and Oz is good.

The problem is that his plan works a little too well and soon Molly is crushing hard on the Oz man. So what does Oz do? Why, he enlists his two best men again, one of whom is more than qualified to repulse a woman: Cash. And boy does Cash pull out all the stops, forcing Oz to do things that I never thought I’d see that man do (more than a few of which that made me slightly uncomfortable). Things end where you’d expect, with anger and tears and Molly cleaning out her desk. But with a little encouragement and help from Oz, Veronica manages to show Molly that she really does care.

I feel like this show found its stride again. When I came back from vacation and saw how much had changed, I had doubts that it could make its way back into my heart. But this episode had everything in it that I loved from the first season; including lots of antics with Cash and Cam, wackiness ensuing everywhere, nerdgasms, and best of all, Oz back on his game as leader of this madcap group of misfits.

Welcome back, Breaking In, I have miss ye.

My favorite bits..

Wow, I never thought the word penis could sound any funnier than it already did. Clearly, I was wrong.

Molly buying herself a birthday card. Sad…and sadly funny.

Oz asking Cam to tap into NASA to look into his pilfered pudding cup.

Deciding that “Rode the pink twinkler” is now my new favorite euphemism ever.

Oz stapling Cam’s tie to the table.

The subliminal messages the guys used to make Molly dislike Veronica.

Veronica eating her oatmeal without water.

“Oohhhkaaay, they’re vampires. That makes so much more sense.”

“Dude, quit wave-blocking!”

Cash breaking out his Lando Calrissian costume, and the ‘stache, to try and win over Molly.

“That’s a collector ‘stache!”
“You dick! I got this at Ross!” -I honestly couldn’t decide which statement was more pathetically awesome….or is that awesomely pathetic?

Cash and Cam getting into the gayest slap-fight ever.

Molly kissing Oz in the eye. Ick.

“I don’t kiss and tell but I’m telling you the girl kissed me.”

Deciding that I need one of those “Team Oz” shirts, like, now.

Cash and Cam’s repeated “Double winky!”

“What did you expect, you’re very tappable.”

Oz calling Cash and Cam “Ebony and Ivory” – Ha!

Erotic Quantum Leap fanfiction? Cash, will you marry me?

The sight of Oz in a tuxedo t-shirt.

“No, no, no. Cash can do this. He’s been turning off women his whole life.”

“How was my date? I was completely and utterly humiliated.”
“So you got laid? Nice.”

Molly calling Veronica a poop head.

Veronica singing Molly’s praises through the ap on her phone.

Oz saving the day by getting all those birthday cakes for Molly, but letting Veronica take the credit for it.

Totally knowing that Cam was going to take the pudding, but totally NOT expecting the dye bag. Nice!

What did you think of this episode of Breaking In? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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