True Blood Season 5 New Clip Tease “Their Flesh Shall Nourish Yours”

true blood hbo clip tease
“We were created in God’s image, not humans.”

When a teaser starts that way, it already sounds good, but if that teaser is for season 5 of True Blood, it’s fangtastic!

It looks like this season will include more vampire, more blood, werewolves, more screaming and explosions!!! Can’t wait!

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an official announcement for the premiere date yet, but True Blood should return for its fifth season this summer… only a few months of waiting.

And in case you’re interested, here is the full voiceover from the video:

“We were created in God’s image, not humans. And their flesh shall nourish yours. Their blood shall flow within you, for as the beetle nourishes the lark, so shall humans nourish vampires.”