Bob’s Burgers “Burger Boss” Review

Among the characters in the Bob’s Burgers world, Bob is usually the most rational person in town. After seeing him in “Burger Boss” tonight, I realized that as mild mannered as he is, Bob probably teeters on the edge of sanity every day. He is an oddly obsessive person and – should the right distraction present itself – the normal responsibilities that keep him grounded can very quickly go out the window.

It’s as if his dedication to making perfect burgers keeps him from becoming preoccupied with far less productive compulsions so he’s able to be the dad that keeps his crazy family in check. His obsessive personality is frequently a driving factor in why conflict and comedy escalate so quickly in most episodes, but he doesn’t usually completely lose touch with reality.

That’s exactly why the moments where we actually watch Bob lose his grip on his sanity are all the more funny. Last season, Bob befriended a talking, glowing Koochi Kopi after being trapped in a crawl space for two days. Tonight, Bob got hooked on popping prescription pain pills after becoming obsessed with defeating Jimmy Pesto’s record on an old school video game. Bob ended up going so far off the deep end that Linda, Tina, Louise and Gene suddenly seemed like models of mental health.

It’s not quite a role reversal because as Bob plunged deeper into his psychosis, Linda and the kids maintained their usual level of quirkiness – they simply seemed normal by comparison. Even taking into account Linda’s flashback to her “porcelain babies” addiction, (which, by the way, was so funny that I replayed the scene twice and then went back to watch it a third time at the end of the episode) Bob’s time spent hanging out with Darryl and eventually chasing hallucinations of an 8bit chicken leg were beyond what any other character would be capable of.

Throughout the episode, the kids were a nonstop shower of ridiculous one liners and brilliant deadpan reactions to Bob’s downward spiral. They were particularly hilarious as freeloading party crashers, eating all the junk food they could get their hands on. When they finally ditched the pizza arcade and moved on to the Commodore’s Ball, they were seasoned pros. Gene’s conversations with the servers at the yacht club were cracking me up and I especially loved when he shoved his game tickets into the server’s shirt with promises of “more where that came from.”

Although her fantasies about sailing on the family yacht, “The Alriiiiiiight!” were crushed, Linda became the family pillar while Bob was experiencing the worst part of his trip. I love the way Linda reacts to these kinds of situations with Bob. While she might have been embarrassed by the scene, she didn’t seem exasperated or even very angry with Bob or the kids.

Last season, when Bob may (or may not) have tried crack after partying with a local group of transvestite prostitutes, Linda playfully deflected his advances and woke from his sleeping space next to the stove by throwing pickles on him the next morning. Linda seems to know exactly how close Bob is to losing his marbles and she’s in place to pick up the slack when he inevitably ends up going a little crazy. In that sense, there’s kind of a balance in their relationship. Bob deals with Linda’s daily dose of crazy, so when she’s got to come in and pick up after his occasional dose of complete lunacy, it all comes out even in the end.

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Bob’s Burgers. There were so many great lines that I couldn’t keep up with jotting all my favorites down. If you haven’t watched “Burger Boss” yet, do yourself a favor and watch it right away and be sure to stick around for the awesome 8bit version of the Bob’s Burgers theme song during the credits at the end.