American Dad “The Kidney Stays in the Picture” Review

After discovering the wonders of Facebook for the first time, Francine reconnected with an old friend known as “The Kidney Killer” on tonight’s episode of American Dad, “The Kidney Stays in the Picture.”

I thought I’d be tired of Facebook related gags by now, but the scenes with Francine and Roger’s interaction on the social network were pretty hilarious. I cracked up when we caught a glimpse of Roger’s friends list which revealed over 3,000 “friends” who were made up entirely of his different personas.

Ignoring Stan’s warnings, Francine took Haley out with her to barhop with her infamous drinking buddy, Kelly Wilk. Francine was barely phased the ludicrous amounts of alcohol they were drinking, but Haley just couldn’t keep up. One fatal shot put her over her limit, and as a result, one of her kidneys died in a rather comical tragedy of internal organs.

At the hospital, Francine and Stan learned that Haley’s other kidney was on the verge of failure and that if she didn’t receive a kidney transplant, she would die. Because Francine only had one kidney left herself, Stan valiantly stepped up to donate a kidney of his own. Stan is usually pretty selfish, so it was nice to see him willing to make a sacrifice like that to save his daughter when I could have easily believed that he might suggest forcing a prisoner for a donation or something along those lines.

Of course, that sweet moment was spoiled by Francine’s revelation that Stan might not be Haley’s father after all. Francine had a one night stand three days before her wedding and although she couldn’t remember anything about the mystery man, she pleaded for Stan to track him down so they could save Haley with his kidney.

Coincidentally, the CIA had finally figured out the ins and outs of time travel and, without discussing any possible time travel paradox problems, Francine and Stan jumped back to 1996 to unearth the identity of Francine’s mystery man. Not surprisingly, Stan wasn’t able to contain his bubbling rage and interrupted Francine’s coatroom coitus.

Of course, Francine immediately realized why this would be a problem and after explaining why Stan’s block was a problem, they had to convince their former selves to let Francine get it on with the scumbag at the club.

Stan has another “aww” moment, as he’s trying to convince 90’s Francine and Stan to go along with their plan. He talks very sweetly about the struggles and the blessings of being Haley’s father and ultimately realizes that even if he isn’t her biological father, she’s will always be his daughter.

Now sober, 90’s Francine can’t get her head around the thought of sleeping with some random guy at the club, so Stan and Francine turn to someone who usually has solutions to these kinds of problems. Carrying a printed formula for Ecstasy, Francine and Stan visit Roger who quickly puts together the formula for them to use. A couple drops and 90’s Francine is ready to get it on at the club while 90’s Stan watches unhappily.

Roger’s dance scenes in this episode were absolutely hilarious. When he first tested out his Ecstasy concoction, and his eyes went all starry, and he was suddenly overcome with “feelings” and the urge for glowstick dancing, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Later, as twisted as his American Psycho set up was, it was impossible for me to not laugh as he pranced around behind a bound and gagged Joel.

We never really found out if Stan was actually Haley’s biological father, but the point was that it didn’t really matter to Stan anymore. Haley would always be his daughter, biological or not. Putting aside Roger’s method of kidney collection, it was a really sweet ending to a solid episode of American Dad.