Once Upon a Time “Stable Boy” Review

Once Upon a Time (ABC) "The Stable Boy" Episode 18
Finally, after eighteen episodes, we found out exactly what Snow White did to incur the eternal, far-reaching hatred of her stepmother in “Stable Boy,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time. As previously stated by Snow White herself, she did, indeed, kill Regina’s one true love, but as expected, her involvement was unknowing, unwilling, and ultimately she’s innocent of any true crime.

A very long time ago in Fairytale Land, Regina was a young woman with an evil mother (Barbara Hershey…the current Hollywood go-to woman for creepy mamas) and a secret love for a stable boy named Daniel. But thanks to her mother’s machinations, Regina was manipulated in saving Snow White’s life, which earned her a marriage proposal from the King, who was searching for the perfect mother for his daughter.

What’s a girl to do but grab the man she loves and run like hell? It might have worked, too, if Snow White hadn’t caught the lovers kissing. Surprisingly, this wasn’t what turned Regina against Snow White. That happened when Snow was manipulated by Regina’s mother into telling her about Daniel, after Regina had asked her to keep it a secret and explained about true love, at least as best you can to a child.

By the way, congrats to the casting department for finding a little girl who looks exactly like Ginnifer Goodwin! It was almost creepy.

Evil Mama ripped out Daniel’s heart (oh, the things we learn from our mothers), and Regina resigned herself to a life with the King, with only her hatred for the child who ruined everything to keep her warm.

Of course, this hatred only carried over into Storybrooke, and it’s what is fueling Regina to punish Mary Margaret for a crime she didn’t commit. With help from Mr. Gold (still don’t know what his angle is) and Sidney Glass (never trust a random gift of flowers!), Regina has Mary Margaret exactly where she wants her…about to be exiled from Storybrooke. And nothing good happens to people who leave.

Emma has some help of her own in the form of August. With his outside-the-box thinking, she finds a piece of shovel near the site where Kathryn’s heart was buried. Of course, it fits Regina’s shovel. Of course the shovel is gone when Emma gets a warrant. Thanks, Sidney!

We had a lot of our questions answered in this episode, but the fact that just as many were created almost negated that fact. Why is August helping Emma and why doesn’t he like the toll bridge? (Is he the troll? Or a goat?) It was hard to tell, but was the haggard woman who appeared at the end Kathryn or someone new? And how is it possible that in spite everything she’s done, I did feel a twitch of sympathy for Regina. A twitch. Nothing more. She’s still terrible. It’s just now we know that it’s a family trait.

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!