Exclusive: Once Upon a Time’s Raphael Sbarge (Archie) Talks About Jiminy’s Future, His Funniest Moment On Set and More

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ABC’s Once Upon a Time has become one of my favorite shows and Jiminy Cricket is one of my favorite characters on the series. TV Equals got a chance to ask the man behind Jiminy and Archie himself Raphael Sbarge a few questions about what is coming up in Once Upon a Time.

Raphael Sbarge shared some insight about the reappearance of Jiminy Cricket, a visit from Mr. Gold into the therapist’s office (oooh!!), his funniest moment on set (I was laughing out loud picturing it), and much more.

Don’t forget to tune in and watch Once Upon A Time on Sundays at 8pm on ABC. But for now enjoy the interview.

Archie helped David remember what happened during some of his blackouts, which led him to have visions from Fairytale Land. Is that going to be explored a little more with David or other characters from Storybrooke?

Raphael Sbarge: What I can tell you is that there are some other Storybrooke notables who will find their way into the the therapist’s office, including Mr. Gold, in the coming weeks, along with a few others who come to Archie for advice. We have ambitious stories that have to be told in 43 minutes, and sometimes additional story lines have to be sacrificed— so some things for many of us, never got to see the light of day. But that said, both Archie and Jiminy will be back in coming weeks, for sure.

How is Archie’s relationship with Henry going to evolve in upcoming episodes? Will there be a breakthrough in him helping Henry with his troubles?

Raphael Sbarge: What we are seeing is a big push back with the Evil Queen, as Operation Cobra ramps up, and a lot of questioning going on, from all sides. Archie and Henry are always close pals. But, there are breakthroughs, or cracks in the damn, as it were, coming from many unexpected places.

Do you think Archie believes Henry?

Raphael Sbarge: If you are asking if I think Archie believes in the curse, or the stories from Fairy Tale Land— I would say, in a word, no. But, he believes passionately in Henry personally, and in trying to preserve his imagination. Remember, Archie is a Doctor, and is trained to look for empirical evidence. This kind of fantasy world would be outside his training as a child psychologist. But that said, he also sees this world very much like a healthy “imaginary friend.” It does no harm, and maybe a whole lot of good. The bigger issue will become whether or not Archie feels that it is being constructive for Henry. Or if it’s creating more problems than it is solving.

I love Jiminy Cricket, are we going to get to see more of him in Fairytale Land?

Raphael Sbarge: I have received a lot of really warm comments and enthusiastic, “We love Jiminy” postings. I love him, too. And, yes. More to come. Headed right now to do more recording, actually. Jiminy will figure prominently in a huge intervention that awaits.

What else is coming up for Archie/Jiminy Cricket this season?

Raphael Sbarge: Some old friends will resurface and that is all can say.

What else can you tease about the rest of the season? There have been rumors of another possible death hitting Storybrooke, anything you can share?

Raphael Sbarge: I haven’t heard the new death rumors… But “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated…” Ha! (Isn’t that what Mark Twain said?).

What was the funniest moment being on the show for?

Raphael Sbarge: One of the final episodes involved the entire cast being on the set at one time. It was a freezing cold evening–bone chilling, bitter cold night. I got so tired, and cold that I started to physically shake, so the director said to me, “Hey, you’re not in this shot. Go stand by the heaters.” So, I walked over to the heaters, right by the monitors and looked up to see that I was INDEED in the shot. But they had already started rolling. I suddenly started running like a stiff board to try to get back in, didn’t make it in time, and ended up blocking a separate camera. The cameras assistant had to reach up and pull me out of the way…. Anyway—they had to cut, and the whole cast had a huge laugh at my expense. Couldn’t have felt more silly, or more publicly humiliated in front of not one or two cast mates, but the ENTIRE cast. Ha! We couldn’t stop laughing about it… 🙂

What was the toughest moment?

Raphael Sbarge: In the Jiminy episode (ep 5) the scenes where Archie and Henry are trapped in the elevator shaft were all shot at the end of the episode. I had become very sick from the dust in the tunnel, and had a terrible case of Bronchitis. I remember being so physically challenged by the bronchitis, but still knowing that the scenes were the heart of the episode. I worried about that a lot after we shot it, not having “felt it” on the day. When I finally saw it, being sick actually added a whole other level of despair to the situation (I felt, in hindsight). But, it was tough going that day, to be sure.

What was the most surprising moment?

Raphael Sbarge: The first scene that I got to do my off camera of Jiminy Cricket— finding him, his voice, his personality, the way he looks at the world. I got to do it “off-camera” while working with such wonderful actors who were all on camera. It was a surprisingly wonderful experience.

What is your favorite fairytale story?

Raphael Sbarge: Of the ones we haven’t already done, I love Jack and the Bean Stalk. I also love The Gingerbread Man.

If you could guest star on any other show, which one would it be?

Raphael Sbarge: I love Mad Men. I love True Blood. I love Modern Family. Any or all would be wonderful.. But in the meantime, I am very grateful for every day I’ve had on Once Upon A Time.

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(Photo Credit: Russell Baer)