In Plain Sight “Reservations, I’ve Got a Few” Review

Semi-hostile teasing, welcome back!

Aargh! Mark managed to annoy me before In Plain Sight’s opening credits started. I just don’t trust the guy. He changed plans on Mary at the last minute last week and he tried to pull it again this week. He seems like a good father to Nora but every time he discusses his “job” it just sounds like a bunch of gibberish, which makes me skeptical.

I couldn’t really follow Eddie’s back story but he did manage to make me scream “holy shi#!” when he jumped off the roof. It’s actually quite silly that I was so startled because I’m pretty sure this scene was in the commercials and previews for this week’s episodes. Don’t judge me.

I am really enjoying Delia this season. We learn such interesting things about her each week. Last week we learned that there is some common sense backing up her academic prowess and this week, it was revealed that she plays softball. I too would be upset if my car was stolen right after I made my last payment and got it washed. To add insult to injury, Eddie then decided to torch it. Eddie, you’re a bastard.

I loved the sarcastically sweet moment between Marshall and Mary as he commented, “I’m screwed” to which Mary replied “No, we’re screwed.” Marshall seems to be going through an adjustment period now that Mary has returned to work. I hope that the support she showed him and the return of that classic Mary wit will quell Marshall’s concerns. It’s understandable that Marshall would have reservations but this is the final season – time is of the essence!

Eddie really proved to be one of the top 5 pain in the ass WITSEC witnesses by fleeing into a sovereign Native American territory. I also don’t like witnesses that take advantage of Marshall’s kindness. I repeat – Eddie, you’re a bastard.

My skepticism of Mark was obviously not helped at all by his decision to take Nora to a loud steakhouse. Nora is not for closing business and flirting with women! To Mark’s credit, I’m glad that he got Mary to admit that they are in desperate need of a nanny. I loved that calmed her fears by pointing out that because he was from Jersey and she had a gun, they can interrogate the hell out of any potential babysitters.

This was the first episode of the final season that felt like classic In Plain Sight. We had a pain in the ass witness, Marshall and Mary trading barbs, Stan in the mix, and an abandoned, unfamiliar terrain. We even got Mary and Marshall on horses!

Other favorite moments and quotes from this week’s episode of In Plain Sight:

Delia kicking ass by working her brother connections for intel on shady Eddie.

Mary naming her horse, “Dogfood.”

“Hey, let’s not do a tampon ad. Okay?” Go Mary! Motherhood does not mean you can’t still kick ass at your job – even if it comes with a bit of danger.

I could have done without the flirting between Heather and Marshall. The only thing that saved it was Mary’s disgust. Admittedly, I liked Heather a little better when she gave Mary the white wolf bottle opener.

“Talk, dork and handsome.” Ha!

The scene at the end with Stan and Delia was bittersweet. I love that Delia figured out that the Albuquerque branch was on the chopping block but it was sad to hear Stan contemplate a future with everyone scattered about in different locations. NooooOOOOOooooo!

Abigail must go. She’s done nothing to deserve it but she’s gotta go.

What did you think about this week’s episode of In Plain Sight? I loved it – classic Mary and Marshall.