Grimm “Island of Dreams” Review

Grimm Island of Dreams

“Island of Dreams” was a toss back to the beginning episodes of Grimm. It was a stand alone episode, and nothing really happened except we got to see Hank and Adalind together again. Oh, and Adalind make some really disgusting blood cookies.

Yes, I said blood cookies. It was probably one of the grossest things I’ve seen in Grimm yet, and that includes the drug addict stitching up his own wound. The cookies screw with Hank and Wu’s mind (and ironically we don’t really see a difference in Hank’s HORRIBLE police work), but Wu is almost killed. Enter Nick to fix things.

We also got to see Rosealee and Monroe (who needs his own show, already) flirt and be cute together.

Juliette finally steps up and tells Nick she wants a gun and to be taken to the shooting range. He agrees (why wouldn’t he? More things – including dragons – have attacked this poor woman in the last few weeks, she needs to learn how to defend herself!), and off they go.

Strange thing about Juliette, is that she seems to be a much better shot than a vetrinarian should be. Unless it was just me reading more into things that I should have, but I think there’s more to Juliette than meets the eye, Grimm fans. Maybe she’s a monster! Or maybe she’s another kind of creature sent to help Nick. Or maybe… maybe Juliette is another Grimm! Hey, with the way this show goes, it’s totally possible.

Other than that, “Island of Dreams” was just… okay. I’ve been enjoying Grimm much more lately as the storyline unfolds, so to revert back to this one off episode wasn’t great for me. But I will say that I really enjoy Nick embracing his Grimm – ness finally. It’s about time as it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

What did you think, readers? Did you like “Island of Dreams” or was it a snoozer? Let me know in comments!

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