The Vampire Diaries “The Murder of One” Review

This week on The Vampire Diaries: ‘The Murder of One’, in which Damon is tortured, the Originals are unlinked, Finn is killed, and the Scrappy gang learn something new about the entire vampire situation. Also, Alaric has apparently gone crazypants again.

The best thing about this episode: it’s made life a lot easier for me. As we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks, I am a horrible reviewer who has forgotten a good chunk of the past three seasons. Though, to be fair, I think more things have happened in three seasons of TVD than has happened in my entire life. But now the Originals are unlinked and there’s no more trying to figure out what happens if one is killed/staked/beaten at Dance Dance Revolution. The worst thing about this episode: just when you think there can’t be another twist in the tale, there is.

I mean, sure, we all love the twists that TVD comes up with, each one screwing over our beloved characters just a little more until, finally, they reign triumphant. But there is ‘just enough’ and there is ‘too many’ and this week was firmly on the side of too many, in my opinion. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, ohyesitcan. Can anyone else remember what happened back at the start of this season? (I suspect many of you can. If anyone wants to make me feel better by admitting that they don’t, I’d be much obliged.)

There are 4 episodes left in this season — what do we have to look forward to?

Well, we have learned that if an Original dies, their bloodline dies too. So when Finn died, Sage and the vampires she sired dropped dead too. I hope none of them were hanging out in public areas (she did say she’d turned a lot) because how do you explain away folks suddenly desiccating and bursting into flames? Anyway, this twist means that if Klaus is the forefather of the bloodline which includes Katherine, the Salvatores and Caroline, they will all die when he is killed. If he isn’t the progenitor of the bloodline, Tyler will still die when Klaus is killed. Or so the Scrappy gang suspect. But Tyler was a werewolf before he was a vampire — could that be his saving grace?

Let us not forget that Alaric is apparently still crazypants thanks to his ring. Or is he? Is it possible that someone else somehow knew where he hid his stake and moved it? Or is Alaric going to turn his crazypants — and his white ash stake — on Klaus in the coming weeks?

Overall, a good episode, if one with too many big twists. The last four episodes of season three are looking to be exciting!

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