The Secret Circle “Sacrifice” Review

This week on The Secret Circle everyone was just a little bit stupider than they usually are. In ‘Sacrifice’, Samuel, an old witch hunter buddy of Jake’s, comes into town to tell John that Eben, the witch hunter who tried to kill John, wants to raise up demons and use their power to slay witches. It’s important that John knows this because sixteen years ago John tried to raise up the demons himself as part of a plan to protect his circle.

John’s attempts to stop Eben are thwarted by his own stupidity. (It’s nice to know that Cassie isn’t just being dense, her stupidity is genetic and therefore somewhat excusable.) John traps Samuel in a dirt circle because he realises there’s a demon inside him — which makes Samuel the sacrifice of the title. With Samuel possessed, the spell is begun that will raise more demons. (Which feels a bit ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ but I’ll let it slide.) Then Eben arrives and knocks John out cold before getting himself possessed by all the demons, yo.

If you’re wondering why I’m calling John stupid, it’s because: a) if he could explode Samuel now, why didn’t he just explode the witch hunters sixteen years ago? b) he wants to control demons — he’s not just obviously a semi-bad guy, he’s a semi-bad guy trying to control a force greater than himself*, c) I just feel like calling him stupid.

(*He may say he wants to get rid of them to protect the kids, but if that’s true he could have just killed Samuel during their long trek through the woods and gone to look for Eben without any distractions.)

So Cassie goes badass on Samuel, he tries to kill her, John saves her, and then they all go back to Casa Circle. There John delivers a rousing speech which the entire circle seems to buy: they need to find their families crystals, thereby gaining enough power to defeat the demons, and then show the world that witches are here to stay.

I know Chance Harbor is full of idiots, and that John Blackwell is no one’s love interest (and so obviously isn’t as important to the circle as anyone else), but did none of the circle have a problem with his speech? No one? Because it sounded pretty damned worrying to me. That’s the speech of a bitter, power hungry son of a bitch, right there.

And then all of the circle went home. We saw that Diana headed home by herself, and Adam dropped Cassie at her place to spend yet another night alone. I can only imagine that the entire circle was struck with amnesia sometime after John’s speech, because surely – surely – the circle would have decided on a ‘safety in numbers’ approach to heading home considering that Eben, a witch hunter who’s full of powerful demons, is out for their blood and running around unchecked. Shouldn’t the circle all be descending on a free house — probably Cassie’s — battening down the hatches and waiting for the safety of daylight (and lots of people around) before they go snooping for their family crystals?


Also this week: Grant is back to romance Diana, but she learns that he’s only a crewmember on ‘his’ boat, not the owner. She’s upset that he lied. (I found it kind of adorable, to be honest, especially when he could have been a witch hunter instead like some people we know. I’m lookin’ at you, Jake.) Meanwhile, Faye and Melissa wait tables at the Boathouse and enlist Adam’s help in getting a hockey player’s attention. (I absolutely loved those three interacting — Adam was actually fun and Faye completely stole the show.)

TL;DR: Chance Harbor is full of idiots. Adam is more fun when he’s not brooding. Faye is adorable. No one should trust John Blackwell. Chance Harbor’s town motto should be ‘watch your backs, morons’.

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