Supernatural “Party On, Garth” Review – A Welcome Surprise Ending

Supernatural Party On, Garth (Guest star DJ Qualls) Season 7 Episode 18

Once again Supernatural has taken an episode, steered it in one direction for 59 minutes and then done a complete 180 in a new direction for the last minute. In tonight’s “Party On, Garth” I got pretty much what I expected for most of it – a fun episode that offset the drama from last week. Sure, we touched on what happened to Cas (and I have no doubt that we will see plenty more of him, so it didn’t bother me at all that all we got was a mention) and even hinted a bit about Bobby. But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I decided to get in the spirit of this episode and imbibed a little bit myself. I drank shot for shot with the boys and boy am I feeling it. I mean whoa, that chocolate shake is gonna hit me hard in the morning. The boys (and by boys I mean Sam, Dean and Garth) were on the hunt for a ghost that you can only see when you are drunk, which is actually pretty ingenious when you think about it. After all, no one’s gonna believe it when somebody who’s snockered says they see a monster, so it’s the perfect disguise.

And now we get back to the Bobby thing. We’ve all seen the hints ever since he died and it turns out the boys haven’t missed them either. Heck, even Garth was thinking that Bobby was haunting them, but when Dean practically begs his old friend to show himself, he gets bupkiss.

Then it happens, finally, FINALLY we see what we’ve all been waiting for….Bobby standing in the room right there with Dean, calling him an idjit and saying “balls!” just like he always did. And now we’re left wondering why the boys can’t see or hear him. What is it that has kept them from knowing for sure that he was there? And with Bobby “back”, does that mean the boys will finally have the answers they need about the Leviathans? Will they be able to beat the big bads after all? So many questions. Let’s just say that April 20 cannot come fast enough.

On a final note, can we talk for a second about how well this secret was kept? I had no clue and I consider myself pretty well-informed about this show. I mean, I often know things that are top secret and have to wait for them to be announced before I can say anything. But this one was kept tucked away under Bobby’s trucker hat. Nicely done, show. Nicely done.

My favorite bits..

Okay all together now.. EEEW!

LOL! Now there’s a song I never thought I’d hear on this show. Bell Biv DeVoe’s ‘Poison’? Hell yeah! Party on, Garth!

“You’ve been Garthed.”

Dean calling Meg to check in on Cas. Awww!

Not being at all surprised that Sam was guilty that Cas took on his crazy. That’s so like him.

The look on Dean’s face when Garth said he looks good in a uniform. Haha!

An invisible ghost werewolf? I know that’s not what it is, but how freaking awesome would that be?

“Is that a stripper or a beverage?”

Dean assuring Sam that Garth grows on ya. Haha!


Dean making fun of Garth’s room. Guy has a point though, a hot tub after a long day would be nice.


“I don’t even usually drink beer, it messes with my depth perception, *belch*…..especially when I skinny dip.”

Garth getting drunk off of one beer. OMG, this guy is me!!

“Mr. Fizzle’s gonna go where the sun don’t shine.” – I just loved how Mr. Fizzles kept looking back and forth between Dean and the kid.

Yes! Lots of drinking!

“I mean can you even get drunk anymore? It’s like drinking a vitamin for you, right?”
“Shut up.”

Dean actually being plastered. Loved his “Me likey” and “I miss these talks” and of course dribbling out his drink when the old guy showed up. I’ve missed that silly Dean.

Shojo or Japanese Booze Monster…I’m kinda liking the second name better.

Sam admitting that he had already tried talking to Bobby. Whoa!

Garth’s repeated “Dammit!” when Dean was on the phone.

Garth quoting The Terminator.

Sam’s reaction when Dean asked him if he was good to drive. “Uhh..”

Sam having to get in a cab with the world’s oldest and slowest cab driver.

“Okay, so much for that.” – LOL! Love it when Sam gets a zinger.

OMG! The sword! The sword! That was SOOO Bobby!

Drunk!Sam trying to tell Sober!Dean where to attack the Shojo.

“What did I miss?” – Haha! Methinks that Garth has a tagline.

Dean begging Bobby to show himself.

Garth hugging the boys. Awww.

Garth making fun of Sam and Dean’s car. Was that a Pinto station wagon??

Dean going through all the things that we all knew added up to Bobby.

OH. MY. GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tears streaming* He was right there…and….and…Dean didn’t see him…..and he called Dean idjit…and…and he said balls..and …and … *collapses into more tears*

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • I would love to see Garth in more episodes! Have to agree with Bobby – “…how are you still alive??” HaHa!

  • Stacy

    lol.. learned to drive in a Pinto wagon.. worst.. car.. ever (but oh so much fun)!! The only thing missing now, is Metallicar!!

  • Hi, Michelle! Great review. You know, I didn’t really like ‘S7,TFAW’ but I really liked Garth, so I was glad to hear he was returning. I, like you, thought this episode would be a lighter, more comedic episode (and boy did we need it after last week’s emotional rollercoaster!), but it turned into so much more than that. My favorite bits:

    1. BOBBY!!!!!! You know, of all the surprise twists Supernatural could’ve thrown at me in this ep, Bobby’s return was the one I expected the least. But boy am I excited about it! When Bobby appeared on my screen I was so excited that I literally screamed aloud. I figured during Slice Girls that Bobby was attached to the flask Dean’s been carrying around, but I just figured the show was going to leave that all to my imagination. So glad they didn’t! Bobby hanging around as a ghost also explains the one thing in ‘Repo Man’ that kind of bugged me, which was how a devil’s trap miraculously appeared on the ceiling in the warehouse with Jeffrey. It was Bobby! Aside from my personal excitement that Bobby’s returned, it also  makes sense from a character perspective. The Winchesters have to face the most powerful creatures they’ve ever come in contact with, and it’s not true to the story for them to face this evil all alone. They’ve never faced such a big threat totally alone. They’ve always had help in the critical moments; be it from God, Cas, Bobby, Chuck, or John. Now that we know Bobby’s back, and they’ve got Cas (sort of) the pieces are in place for them to step up and take down the leviathans. But right now…YAY BOBBY!!!!

    2. I really hope that we get to see more of Garth. DJ Qualls is absolutely hilarious and he has such great chemistry with Jensen and Jared. I think it’s also pretty awesome that Garth gets his own theme song and slow motion moment. One of the things I’ve always said about killing off all the supporting characters on the show is that it takes away from the richness of the Supernatural universe, but it also stymies the growth/development of our two leads. Garth attempting to talk to Dean about Bobby possibly hanging around revealed cracks in Dean’s armor that he’s been trying to hide. We all know how hard he took Bobby’s death, but he’s been trying to just bravely soldier on. Watching Dean get all gruff with Garth about Bobby let us know that he’s still feeling that loss and trying not to have hope that Bobby’s still there. Also, it opened the door for Sam and Dean to finally really talk about the strange things that have been happening around them and how desperate each of them really was (is?) for Bobby to still be there. Please keep re-populating the Supernatural universe with great supporting characters. Garth may be a bit dorky and overly affectionate (by Winchester standards) but you know, Dean’s right. He definitely grows on you.

    3. Drunk Dean. Hilarious.

    4. Mr. Fizzles “talking” to Dean and the look on Dean’s face. Hilarious.

    5. Drunk Sam helping Sober Dean fight the shojo. Role reversal indeed.

    6. “I mean, can you even get drunk anymore. It’s kinda like drinking a vitamin for you, right?” Ha!

    7. Dean: “You good to drive?”   Sam: “Uhh…”

    8. Sam quietly and sorrowfully watching Dean finally break down and call out for Bobby. Oh, Supernatural. Darn you for making me get choked up!

    9. Bobby: “I’m right here you idjit!” Awww Bobby!

    10. Dean pausing for just a second as he left the motel room. It’s like he heard/felt something, but decided to just shake it off. No Dean! Don’t shake it off! Go back! Bobby’s in there!!

    I really loved this episode, and I am so upset that I have to wait until April 20th for new eps! I hope we get to see more of Garth, and I’m so excited to see what happens with Bobby and Cas. Now if we could just get the Impala back, all would be right with my world.

  • ptjackson

    A drinking game with a chocolate milkshake –  now you are talking, my friend!

    And, Mr. Fizzles was my favorite part of the episode, besides the ending of course…..

  • superdud

    supernatural is like a really good friend. 

    also they revive all the supporting characters that were killed along the seasons in one episode. 

    and they should fight against a cult, and voodo magic.