Awake “Oregon” Review

It was only a matter of time until someone in one of Michael’s worlds began to get suspicious of his clever hunches and one-in-a-million guesses. In this week’s episode of Awake, “Oregon,” that person is a pretty FBI agent who is called in when a body is found that matches the MO of a serial killer she believes she killed.

Unlike most cases, there is no equivalent to the serial killer murder in Michael’s Red reality; it exists entirely in the Blue. Clues in the Red lead him to conclusions in the Blue, of course, which makes the FBI agent wonder if Michael might be a copycat killer in disguise. It doesn’t help matters when the real killer overhears her sharing these thoughts with Michael’s boss (who still hasn’t cropped up in the Red reality). The killer decides to frame Michael, and might have gotten away with it, too, if he hadn’t felt the urge to grab the FBI agent and dispose of her.

Of course, Michael stops it in time, but the killer gets away. Later, he phones Michael to tell him that he’s taken an interest in Michael and thanks to a visit to his psychiatrist’s office, he knows about Michael’s two worlds. But rather than encourage him to choose one, the killer urges him to maintain both, because the world needs people who see it differently.

An interesting question was posed this week, one that might be the key to the mystery, but might just be an intriguing “what if?” scenario. In the Red reality, Michael’s wife visits Portland and falls in love with the idea of getting out of LA, away from the sad memories of her son. Not wanting to lose her, Michael seriously ponders the idea and shares it with both of his shrinks.

Not surprisingly, they both think that moving away from LA would cause one of Michael’s realities…the so-called false one…to fade away. Since both worlds are so similar, if one were to drastically change, the house of cards wouldn’t stand. Hearing this only makes Michael more determined to take control of both of his lives. It seems like he might actually move to Portland with his wife.

Interesting that the killer is also heading there. I hardly think it’s a coincidence. Are there other people like Michael in the world? And if so, does the constant shift in reality drive one crazy, perhaps even serial killer-level crazy?

What did you think of the episode? Let me know below!