Supernatural Thursdays: Poll – Are You Satisfied with Castiel’s Return?

Supernatural - Castiel Returns

Heads up! Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen last week’s episode of Supernatural, “The Born-Again Identity.” You have been warned….

Well, my fellow Castiel lovers, we finally got our prayers answered. Last Friday night, Supernatural brought back our beloved angel in an episode that blew me away. In fact, I honestly don’t think there is anything they could have done to make me love it more. Well, except maybe make it about four times longer and stretch out each character’s story by a good hour or so.

But other than that, what else could have been better? We got Sam breaking down completely. We got some fantastic Lucifer interactions. We got a Dean and Castiel reunion. We got Dean giving Cas his coat back. We even got Cas not only making Sam better, but sacrificing himself to do so.

Heck, we even got something a little extra that I never saw coming. By having Castiel come back initially with amnesia, we got to witness the moment when he remembered everything that happened. Just thinking about that scene – with Cas laying hands on each of the demons and memories flashing through his mind as he smote every one…it still gives me chills. I felt like that was a bonus.

But last Friday’s episode wasn’t just about Cas. I think one of the reasons I loved it so much is that it gave ever character a chance to shine. Sammy suffering through his terrible insanity was hard to watch simply because Jared Padalecki gave it his all. Sam sitting on that hospital bed when Dean walks in, telling his brother that “this is what happens when you throw a soul into Lucifer’s dog bowl” – I could feel his despair, misery and hopelessness down to my own bones.

Then we had Dean. Oh, Dean. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much he suffers because he’s so darn quiet about it. But in Friday’s episode I felt his pain almost as much as I felt Sam’s. Here he is trying to do everything he can to save his brother and by some miracle, he actually finds the solution. Trouble is that solution is residing in the meat suit of a guy who was once his best friend, then betrayed him and went on a killing spree. When Dean told Emmanuel “I used to be able to shake this stuff off, but not anymore..” I wanted to jump through the TV screen and give him a hug. The fact that Dean then defended Cas; after his friend remembered all the terrible things that he did and wanted to give up and run away in shame, just proved to me once again how much he cares.

But the strongest feeling I was left with after watching “The Born-Again Identity” was pride. It was the first word that came to mind as soon as the episode was over, and I declared it there in my review. Yes, I was proud of Castiel for what he did, proud beyond words really. Mr. Cas Winchester (as I will always think of him from now on) did what he had to do to save his “brother”, something that Dean, John, even Bobby wouldn’t have hesitated to do if the choice had been theirs.

By taking Sam’s insanity and Lucifer into his own mind, I fear that Cas may have sentenced himself to a fate perhaps even worse than Sam’s. As Lucifer gleefully pointed out to poor Sammy, the younger Winchester only had a short time to live. If the lack of sleep and food hadn’t done it, I’m sure Luci would have figured out a way to keep Sam from drinking, and a person can only live for so long without water. We can only wonder if Sam’s horror would have been over at that point. If his body had died, would he have gone back to Heaven as he had before? Thankfully we won’t know, but the good and bad part about Cas taking on the Luci hallucinations is that he cannot die due to lack of sleep, food or water. It means he can survive longer (hopefully long enough for the boys to figure out how to save him), but it also means that there is no escape for him. How long can Cas survive with Lucifer banging around in his head? I don’t know the answer to that, but what I do know is that I am thankful that he did it.

After snooping around on the internet as I sometimes like (and occasionally loathe) to do after an episode of Supernatural airs, I saw that not everyone felt the way I did about this episode. This made me curious about what the general consensus was and I decided to put up a poll. So go ahead and vote below to let us know how you felt about Friday’s episode and the return of Castiel. Then sound off in the comments to let us now why you feel that way. I’m dying to hear what you all have to say!

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