Psych “Autopsy Turvy” Review

Psych Autopsy Turvy Season 6 Episode 14

In this episode of Psych, called “Autopsy Turvy”, Woody’s world is indeed turned upside down. An old lover returns with a body that he apparently mistakenly called a suicide and brings along with her a lot more trouble.

Wanting to clear their friend’s name, Shawn and Gus immediately take on the case (pro bono no less, proving how much they like their buddy Woody) and seek to solve the newly discovered murder. What they find is their number one, and a little creepy, fan. Whip is a guy who loves everything to do with murder and has read every book on the subject. Did I mention he was creepy?

Following the clues where they naturally lead, they naturally lead them to Whip. Wacky murder-loving guy commits murder in order to put his name in the history books. Makes sense, right? Except that it doesn’t. After getting the “creepiest butt dial ever”, Shawn isn’t convinced that everything is as cut and dry as they were led to believe. He and Shawn follow the new lead and it brings them to Woody’s ex-but-maybe-soon-to-be-again lover.

Poor Woody. First his wife cheats on him (12 times) and now Grace is a homicidal maniac. Well, I guess maybe he and Lassie can carpool to the prison now to see their lovers. In fact, maybe Shawn can go with them too and visit Yang, too. Not that they were lovers, but still. Maybe all of the men on the show need to be a little bit more careful about who they date in the future. I bet Shawn’s glad he’s found himself a police officer; at least he can be (fairly) certain she won’t turn into a criminal.

My favorite bits..

“I often confuse clowns and bus victims.” – OMG! Me too!

“I don’t make mistakes.”
“Says the guy who left his keys in an old lady’s spleen last month.”

Juliet’s “ew” when Woody said he and Grace were lovers once.

The way Shawn got Gus to finally lie down on the ground, by pointing out that to hurry up would get them food faster. Yep, that’ll do it.

Shawn miming going down in an elevator.

Shawn pointing that he was a psychic and Gus was black, so their bases were covered. Sounds about right to me.

Gus’ delayed reaction and fistbump to Shawn’s “dwarf at large” joke. I was wondering what was taking him so long. That was hella funny.

Totally agreeing with Shawn. Fruit and dried fruit are so NOT snacks in my book.

“You look like a great, big Gerber baby.” – Haha! Now I’m never gonna see Woody any other way.

Shawn and Gus encouraging Grace and Woody’s fight.

The way Gus, Shawn and Whip all started swaying together when they walked into the dance hall…and kept on swaying as they talked about it.

The sailors giving Shawn dirty looks for not dressing like a sailor.

The psychic discovering that Shawn was thinking about Ted Knight and Jim J. Bullock. I, however, think that was just a lucky guess. After all, who *doesn’t* think about those two on a daily basis?

A reaper?? Oh crap. Better call Sam and Dean…oh wait. Wrong show.

Shawn and Gus trying to stand behind each other to get away from Whip.

“Well let’s pay her a visit and make this little piggy squeal.”
“Or we could just ask her some questions.”
“We could…it’s never as much fun.”

Shawn and Gus plopping down on the floor to watch the show with Penny, Lassie and Juliet.

Juliet and Lassiter having to conduct an interview while on “stage.”

“You know, I do not appreciate being made a part of your little dog and pony show.”
“Oh, I don’t work with animals.”

Cracking up when Penny said that a black Impala showed up. (Though I I realize that’s only funny to other fans of Supernatural).

The argument before Gus finally took on the role of the killer and fake-bludgeoned Shawn.

“Creepiest butt dial ever.”

“The man may be dead, but that Yoo-Hoo is very much alive.” – Dangit, now I want a Yoo-Hoo.

Shawn’s “wait for iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit..” before pulling the book to open the secret room.

“You know, you may not realize this Grace, but you’re insane.”
“Well, I’m a woman. I can mask it.”

The Chief pointing out that she didn’t so much believe in Woody as she believed in his colleague who turned out to be a homicidal maniac.

“I guess it’ll be in my dreams that you are the chief of doing me.” – The fact that Shawn and Gus couldn’t drag him out of the room fast enough after that was hilarious.

Henry dancing with his head buried in that woman’s bosom.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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