Exclusive Interview: The Killing’s’ Jamie Anne Allman (Terry) Talks Season 2, Character Turmoil and Last Season’s Controversy

With the return of the AMC series’ The Killing back this Sunday April 1st, so many questions are begging to be answered. With a controversial season finale in its wake, the show has the challenge to answer those questions while also delivering the trademark intense and fascinating character development we have come to expect.

With the anticipation surely building for the fan of the series, we had the chance to chat with series star Jamie Anne Allman who plays Terry Marek, aunt to the victim Rosie Larsen and all around helper to the Larsen family. During the chat, Jamie talks about what is coming up for Terry, how this season is different and tells us if she knows who killed Rosie Larsen.

Check out what she had to say below and don’t miss the premiere of The Killing which airs with a two hour episode this Sunday April 1st 8/7c on AMC.

Congratulations on the second season of ‘The Killing.’ That must be exciting.

Jamie Anne Allman: Thanks. I’m really excited. The cast photos, the gallery cast photos came out the other day and they have some great trailers out and everything. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m excited also because there’s a lot of really surprising things that I’ve had to act and the audience is going to enjoy viewing, that’s for sure.

How do you think this season compares to the last one for your character?

Jamie Anne Allman: I think the first season for Terry, she was a rock for the family. A child dies in a family and everyone is affected, but I feel like since the second season you’re going to see the price that everyone is having to pay in life for the decisions that they’ve made and the repercussions of their secrets. More will be revealed in season two with Rosie’s ex-boyfriend, Jasper’s dad, Michael Ames. You’re going to see the repercussions about her keeping her secret about Beau Soleil.

You’re also going to see how Terry deals with her own heartbreak and what boundaries she’s cross for love and for solace, for comfort. Because she’s going through such a heartbreak, she crosses boundaries because she needs comfort and solace. That’s what I can say. Also, she has pressures. Her sister is gone. She has heartbreak. She has a lot of secrets that she’s kept all the time. Her brother in law needs a lot of help with the kids. He has no more free time. So, you’re going to see if she can really take on this burden.

How differently do you approach your character in the second season?

Jamie Anne Allman: Well, you get more comfortable with the characters as time goes on and more comfortable with the other characters that you’re working with. I feel like this season they’ve written me some very interesting, unique things that I didn’t get to dabble with last year. So, every scene is different and I just take each scene individually. Then when I watch it as a whole I’m like, ‘Oh, it was one piece.’ I take each scene, look at it, break it down and it’s a new experience every time, with every scene.

But being with the characters the whole time, for a long period of time really allows you to sink your teeth into something more than if you’re just doing a guest star. If you’re doing a guest star spot, you come in at the heightened part of your character who’s having a breakdown or is having a real moment, and in a show where you’re the same character the whole time it’s a progression. You have to let it build.

You seem very outgoing in real life, but there’s something about the mourning in your eyes on the show. Is there a trick to that, or a process you have for achieving that?

Jamie Anne Allman: I don’t really try anything with my eyes or anything like that, but I feel like Terry is very guarded because she’s been hurt and she’s looking for acceptance wherever she can. She wants love and she’s trying to find her place in this world. I feel like she’s really guarded because of everything that she’s done in her life and the profession that she’s in, that she’s chosen, but I feel like the kids really bring out a special side of her that no one else can bring out of her. I feel like she really wants to have a family of her own. She wants to be married and she wants to have kids. So, when she gets to take care of the boys, a lighter, almost a side that she’s really dying inside for comes out.

The Killing Jamie Anne Allman

Do you know the answer to the following question; who killed Rosie Larsen?

Jamie Anne Allman: No.

Would you tell me if you did?

Jamie Anne Allman: Yes.

Is there any speculation on the set about who did what?

Jamie Anne Allman: Oh, yeah. Everyone speculates. I feel like while reading the script we feel the same way that the audience does when they watch the show, as an actor, because I don’t know what’s going to happen. This season, Veena [Sud] has told me a little bit more about my character and things. She didn’t really elaborate. She told me I could ask her any question, but a lot of the information is kind subdued until we get the script and we’re pretty shocked ourselves when we get it. We’re like, ‘Whoa. This is what’s coming up? This is crazy and this is exciting.’ We speculate for sure on set, in the makeup trailer and with other cast members, like, ‘What if it’s this?’ There are times that I’ve thought, ‘It’d be interesting if this person was the killer. This would be really interesting and if it’s this person, it’ll be lame.’ We speculate like everyone else.

What are your thoughts about the controversy in the last season finale, namely viewers complaining that there was a lack of a reveal?

Jamie Anne Allman: I was pretty shocked about everyone being so upset, but I also became an audience member myself when I watched it. You work on it, but the scripts run together. You kind of forget about it as you shoot it. I watched it as an audience member, and even though I knew the outcome I was like, ‘Oh, my God, we don’t get to find out?’ I understand where the fans are coming from and about how they feel about the finale. I totally get it.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about?

Jamie Anne Allman: I have an independent movie that I did called ‘Any Day Now‘ with Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt and Frances Fisher and that’s premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival which is really exciting. That just came out, like, last week. That was really good news. Then I have a film that I did even before that that I’m so proud of and still love and it’s really amazing called ‘The Last Rites of Joe May‘ and that’s on iTunes, Amazon.com. I think it’s on Video On Demand right now, but I got to work with amazing Dennis Farina. That was wonderful. I shot in Chicago and I love Chicago during the winter.

If you could guest star on any TV show, which one would it be?

Jamie Anne Allman: Breaking Bad.’

You might have some contacts on the AMC side.

Jamie Anne Allman: I might [laughs]. I love that show. I think it’s amazing.

Some actors we talk to say ‘The Killing.’

Jamie Anne Allman: Really? That’s great.

Well, I can’t wait to see this season.

Jamie Anne Allman: I’ll have some pretty intense stuff. I’m excited for this year.


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