Community “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” Review

Community Digital Exploration Of Interior Design Season 3 Episode 13

Tonight’s episode of Community, “Digital Exploration of Interior Design”, is brought to you by Subway! Try the new Jalapeno Tuna sandwich, the featured footlong for the month of March! Subway, eat fresh!

Seriously though, Subway did play a pretty huge part in tonight’s installment. I’m sure some people out there will complain about the huge amount of product placement in the episode, but I thought they really made it fit well in the overall tone of Community. At the end of the day, I thought this was the funniest episode since the hiatus, so I guess I would welcome even more product placement as long as it’s handled this well!

The story here was that a Subway restaurant moved in to the Greendale Cafetorium, and it wasn’t just a restaurant: They legally changed the name and identity of an attractive young blonde dude to “Subway”. When I heard this episode described by the Community writers as “Britta falls in love with Subway”, I just assumed they were talking about the restaurant. Nope, she fell in love with an adorable guy named Subway who loves all the stupid stuff she does. Britta’s antiestablishmentarianism (Longest word in the English language!) can often get a little annoying. We get it, she doesn’t like big businesses, right wing politics, or really anything that she feels infringes on her rights. It can be a little grating for the audience, so I really love it when she feels so conflicted in her beliefs. This happened in the first episode back from the break, “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts”. Britta was so against the idea of marriage, but it turns out she was an incredible wedding designer. Seeing Britta be so confused about her conflicting feelings is a nice way to offset how irritating her feelings can be in the first place.

The other big storyline here involved Troy and Abed drifting apart. John Goodman returned, with a beard and ponytail, no less (He’s going through some stuff right now), and he proceeded to fill Troy and Abed’s minds with the idea that each of them was simply the sidekick to the other. When Abed wanted to make a pillow fort, and Troy a blanket fort, they realize that neither of their enterprises can grow without the destruction of the other fort. This set up a big fight for next week that I absolutely can’t wait to see. Community has proved that they can do truly fantastic “event” episodes, so I’m hoping the second part of the two-parter satisfies!

Oh, and then Jeff and Annie were in some stupid story involving a dude named Kim. It was…yeah…

Random Thoughts:

– Magnitude has become somewhat of a fan favorite with his catch phrase “Pop pop”, so I loved hearing the solemn and sad “Pop pop, captain” when Abed told him to destroy the pillow fort. By the way, that guy played Lee Jordan in the Harry Potter movies!

– I loved the expanded role for Erik Charles Nielsen, the pathetic loser “Garrett”. Erik is a rather famous extra or “background actor”, so it’s nice to see him get a more prominent role. I invite you to go to YouTube and check out all the stuff he’s been in.

– My theory is that the people complaining about the product placement in the episode have never actually been to a college before. My university had not only a Subway, but also a Burger King, Panda Express, and Pizza Hut all on campus.