TV Improvement: Person of Interest

Reese and Finch - Person of Interest

This week in TV Improvement, we are going to tackle another new show that is entertaining millions of viewers weekly (myself included), but could use a slight upgrade if it wants to be considered among the elite network dramas. As the title indicates, I am talking about Person of Interest. It’s now routinely posting big numbers for CBS and has made itself a bonafide hit show. However, there a few things that stick in my craw.

For the record, I am not going to touch on the high improbability of the show. It’s an action drama on television, people. Suspend disbelief for 42 minutes and enjoy yourself.

With that out of the way, let’s make Person of Interest at least 2-3 times better. Starting with…

Fire up Caviezel a tad

Person of Interest Baby Blue (2)

I’m not of the opinion that Caviezel is completely wooden in his performance. However, a lot of critics certainly think so. Therefore, in an attempt to respond to those criticisms, I think Person of Interest needs to ramp up the intensity of Caviezel’s character just a hair. Somewhere in between James Bond and Jack Bauer would be nice. I think Caviezel does a nice job (not great), but he could stand to inject a little bit more life into his character. Hold on, we’ve got one more on Caviezel.

Get Caviezel in the gym

Person of Interest Baby Blue (1)

First off, shoutout to my brother for being the originator of this idea. That being said, I couldn’t agree more. Caviezel is playing a hyper-focused killing machine that has pinpoint accuracy with a gun and can handle himself in any fighting situation no matter how cumbersome his overcoat may become. Is it too much to ask that guy to be the least bit muscular? He obviously doesn’t need to be bulky dude, but he should look like he knows his way around a weight room. Clearly, Caviezel didn’t come in ready for the season. I expect him to make the necessary corrections in the offseason.

Settle on the relationship between Carter and the boys

Person of Interest Baby Blue (3)

I get what they are going for here. It’s a tough position for any cop. You have two guys doing a ton of good, but they don’t have any legal right to do it. Since they can do things that you can’t, you let them slide in the name of good things happening. I never liked the angle of Carter working with Reese and Finch, but I like it even less if she’s constantly in and out. It’s like watching a bad relationship play out on a stupid sitcom. Just decide on the nature of their relationship and move forward. I’ll take any angle over the yo-yo nonsense.

More menacing Big Bads

I don’t mind the work of Enrico Colantoni on this show, but he isn’t exactly striking fear into my heart when he walks on the screen. In addition, I’m really feeling threatened by the mysterious hacker that evaded the boys earlier this season. If this show is going to have Big Bads, we need to add some serious menace. In addition to that suggestion, I have a possible person to fill that role: Mr. Cole Hauser. Hauser is in need of some work (Or I am in need of seeing him on TV. It’s one or the other), and he could bring the proper amount of menace to that role.

What’s that? You want another option? Fine, I’ll give you another. Once Raylan Givens puts a few bullets in the chest of Robert Quarles on Justified, Neal McDonough will be available. If anyone has watched his performance this season, you know he would be a great fit.


There you have it. In slightly over 600 words, I have yet again made a show excellent. Now it’s your turn. What suggestions do you have for Person of Interest? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Also, if you have a show to suggest for the TV Improvement series, post in the comments below or tweet them to me @TVCzar. I’ll see you next week where I will rescue yet another show from the depths of potential mediocrity.

The TV Czar