Survivor: One World “The Beauty in the Merge” Review

After Colton’s merciful departure last week, Survivor: One World returned tonight with “The Beauty in the Merge”. You have to wonder if Colton being med-evac’d last week forced the Survivor producers to make the merge happen early, but this brings up a lot of questions. Do they have individual immunity challenges from here on out? Will the eliminated members join the jury? I guess we’ll find out!

After some headbutting back at camp over the coffee, we get to our reward challenge and my first question is answered: The tribe will be split into two teams for the reward challenges. The challenge itself wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before, as the contestants had to dig under a fence, crawl through some logs and dig for puzzle pieces. When the orange team wins, we get a really weird spat between Jonas and Tarzan concerning Tarzan’s allegiance to the men’s tribe. Tarzan’s always been a weirdo, but he’s always been a very loyal weirdo. He was loyal to the men before, and he was even loyal to the terrible Colton, so I don’t know why his discussion with Jonas got so bad so fast. Maybe it was just the stress of having lost out on pizza and beer.

After Troyzan wins the first individual immunity challenge, we get straight into the wonderful pre-tribal scramble. Everybody seems conflicted about whether or not they should stick with the original boy/girl alliances, or if they’re going to flip to Salani/Manono. We’re also at the gray area of the game where people are wondering if they should vote out people who are dead weight back at camp, or if they should eliminate long-term threats.

When we get to tribal, Jonas proceeded to completely destroy any chance he had to stay in the game. Even though he and Tarzan had a tearful apology earlier, he decided to throw everybody under the bus and come out guns blazing. Jonas was so completely terrible at tribal, it was almost impressive to watch. I don’t know how he could have screwed himself any better, actually. He goes home faster than you can blink, becomes the first member of the jury, and now we’re down to 11! Will the girls continue to knock out all of the guys, or will the boys even it up? We’ll find out next week!

Random Thoughts:

– I’ve often wondered how often Jeff’s commentary gets under people’s skin during the challenges, so I thought it was funny how Tarzan actually responded to his little jab during the puzzle. “Hey, I’ve gotten a few pieces!”

– Are they even going to give clues to the hidden immunity idol anymore? Why bother when everybody can find it after looking for a few minutes.

– If I’m about to have a surgery performed, and I see somebody looking like Tarzan walking in, it wouldn’t exactly fill me with confidence.